Sunday 24th September

Hello and welcome to a new week in 2AK. I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing weekend and had some special family time together.


Homework will start today and as much as I love parents being enthusiastic, please do encourage your child to do their homework tasks independently. This is a great way to build confidence, time management and self-motivation skills. The students will also bring home a homework book, to write and record any written pieces of homework that they choose to do.

If your child is struggling with any of the homework activities, just allow them to do their best. If they make mistakes, please do not correct it – this allows me to see who still needs further teaching support and practice in that area.

Star of the Week

Today we will also start 2AK’s Star of The Week (SOTW). Each student will take it in turns to be SOTW and they will bring Benny – our class bear home for the weekend on a Thursday. If your child is enthusiastic and chooses to write and/ or draw in his book then this is GREAT! Some students like to take photos to put in too – but this is not compulsory so please do not feel pressured. I showed the students a sample from my previous school and they all loved reading about Benny’s adventures. It is a great way to connect students and share experiences 🙂


So far, Dojo points are working well as a behavior tool. The number of Dojo points accumulated by Thursday afternoon equates to the number of Golden Time (free play) minutes the student receives, so 10 DJ’s = 10 minutes of golden time. Dojo’s are awarded for following the Essential Agreement, following the Learner Profile and for good effort 🙂

In general, behavior issues have settled down a little, perhaps it was back to school excitement.  It is especially important to set expectations and boundaries at the beginning of the school year and the students need to adjust to me, as much as I need to adjust to them, so I would just like to thank you for your continued support with this.

Dates to note

Date for the diary – October 2nd is Back to school night. More information to follow once I have it.

That’s all for now I think!!

Miss K

Grade 2 Newsletter

Grade 2

Newsletter week 2


We have quite a few allergies to nuts in our grade this year please make a big effort to have the children’s lunches NUT FREE!

No SCHOOL next Thursday!!

Stay tuned for upcoming information on ‘Back to School evening” ….

 Language Arts

In reading, students will be learning about their reading identities and share them to build our classroom community. The children may bring in their favorite books and share them with the class.

Students will begin to understand the expectations during Readers’ Workshop.

In Writer’s Workshop, students will learn about our writing expectations. Students will begin learning how to find and develop ideas for topics to write about.



1.1 Sequencing Numbers

1.3 Calendar and Time

1.4 Addition Facts


In PYP :

We will be starting our first unit under the theme “Where we are in Place and Time”. Students will develop their understanding of how “Children’s lives change over time for various reasons.” The students will receive an “All About Me” poster next week to be completed at home. Please help your child with this activity. They are also working on their Artifact in art for our end of the unit class museum. Ask your student what artifact they are creating.


Homework will be given out next week in the form of a ‘Home Learning Menu’. This will be sent home with your child on a Sunday and should be returned with completed work to the class teacher the following Sunday. There will be 12 items on the Home Learning Menu and your child MUST choose at least 6 to do. They may do more if they choose. They should choose 1 Reading, 1 Writing, 1 Math and 1 Inquiry item to be balanced.


Thank you!

Welcome to G2AK!

Hello everyone,

A warm welcome to your new class blog. I will keep you posted about news and events on this page so be sure to watch out for upcoming events.

We have had a successful week back to school, settling into school life again after such a long break. The students have done well settling into life and routines back in school, and have enjoyed reuniting with their friends after the break.

The behaviour management system is under construction, and I already referred to this in my my email yesterday. The ES is also revising its behaviour management policy and I will keep you informed of any significant changes.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you bright and refreshed on Sunday 🙂

Miss K