Personal Project Reflection

June 18th, 2018

Today I started my project. I felt worried about time management because you need a while to compose a song. But, I am happy because we started it. And this time on this project you can choose something you like!! Not like the one that you had to do something about energy, even better! Today, it was a bit hard to work. I did not have time because I was writing a blog post. I was about to start but time was up! I feel a bit mad about that, but we started our project I am really excited! I wonder if I would be able to finish the project, if not I will finish it in the summer break. I found a good website for people who are beginning to write a composition. Visit this website:

Piano Composition for Beginners

It might help you. Tell me in the comments if you found it helpful.


June 19, 2018


Today I learned how to control my time management. I got more done, and I got a lot done! I got some help from my friend Farah, she helped me a lot, thanks to her. I think I got better at my self-management skills and my thinking skills. I am still a bit nervous about time management, but I am a bit more confident about it now. As I was working more I was getting more ideas. For example, when Farah kept giving me ideas I heard lots of her ideas and I started to come up with my own. I was trying to be independent, but it was a little bit hard.


June 20, 2018


Today I finished my draft and I am a little bit more confident, but I don’t have a lot of time. What I found difficult was that there was a lot of nice things happening and I found it difficult to focus on my own work. But at least I got something done! I have some goals by the end of tomorrow. By the end of Thursday, June 21, 2018, I want to be done with everything. I am almost done, and I feel more confident than Yesterday. I think I can do it! Tomorrow I also want to present. I hope I accomplish my goals!

June 2018 Personal Project

My ideas are: 

1. Compose a song on the piano

2. Learn Dutch

3. Teach 1st-grade class


My final decision is that I will compose a song on the piano because my hobby is playing the piano and I thought that I was ready to be able to write a song.


My plan is to first research how to write a song, then I start writing it, and when I come back home I try it. After that when I go to school the next day I change it.


I will keep my work / information on a:

  • Paper
  • Google Doc
  • Video
  • Google Slide


My final ‘product’ or my aim I am working to achieve is a google slide that explains my progress, and a video of what it become in the end.


Transdisciplinary Themes I am Working on:  

HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES: expressing ideas; creativity; music, writing.


Approaches to Learning I will Focus On:  

Thinking Skills – Understanding. Using knowledge in new situations. Creating, designing, or inventing. Expressing opinions. Making good decisions.

Self Management Skills – Using large and small muscle skills effectively. Organization: Time management. Appropriate behavior. Making good choices.

Communication Skills – Listening. Speaking. Reading. Writing. Presenting.

Research Skills –   Planning. Collecting & recording data/information by drawing, note taking,  writing etc. Organizing information. Making conclusions.



Children’s Rights and Responsibilities

Aprill 8th, 2018 we started a unit about children’s rights and responsibilities. As you know, some children are orphans, have to work all day, can’t afford to go to school, and live in tents, and much more stuff that is not right, and other children don’t have the same problem. That is called denied rights, it means that children don’t have something other children had. 

May 1st we started a “Wax Museum” research project, and we had to be a character that either helps children with denied rights or a child who lost his/her rights. I decided to be Lisa Gibson, a helper, in orphanages in Ethiopia. I chose this person because I was interested in orphans. Lisa Gibson was in UAS, the school I am in, so I can interview her! So I interviewed her asking questions about how she helped, why she helped, and when she helped. On the day of the “Wax Museum”, my teacher Mrs.Davy invited Lisa Gibson to the “Wax Museum”, and I was so nervous, I had to tell my bibliography facts! Lots of people came 3ER, parents, teachers, the room was filled on people, we had a coin bucket so we can come to life, and we used fake American coins, and I got $7.55c, I got even more money than my friend Piper, she got $7.22c. Not many people came to me because I was in a corner, I looked like a normal person, that is true, but I help orphanages in Ethiopia. I adopted a child from an orphanage in Ethiopia and now goes to UAS. Here is a video of my speech.

I learned in this unit that every child should be treated the same way, like Henry Box Brown, he was a slave and was separated from his family. They treated him very bad, and he was only a child! When he got older he got married, got kids, and one day he lost all of them. So he decided to go inside a box to a city in America, to have freedom! On that day he got a middle name so his name is Henry Box Brown, and he got a birthday, the day that was his first day of freedom, March 30, 1849. This shows that he didn’t have the right to freedom. Like Malala Yousafzai, in Pakistan, the Taliban did not allow girls to go to school. One day on the news Malala said: ” How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to education! “. Malala blogged about it, and the Taliban changed and allowed only girls under 10 years to go to school, but Malala was 11. Her 12th birthday was forgotten, but she made a wish, to have peace. Malala went back to school again, a happy life, but one day when Malala went to the bus, the Taliban said: ” Who is Malala? “. They shot Malala 3 times, but she didn’t die. They brought Malala to the hospital, it took months for Malala to become better, and on 12 July 2013, Malala declared:” One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world”. And she moved to England, and then after all the shooting in Pakistan, she went back. This shows that she didn’t have the right to learn.

My action I took for my “Wax Museum” that I printed flyers. Next time if I would have to do the “Wax Museum” again, I would change my character, to someone who would be a good research. If you have any questions, write a comment. Hope you liked my post!


Energy Reflection

Our unit was about energy, I learned a lot during this unit, and I really enjoyed it too. If I would have to give a definition of energy, I would say: “it is the thing that makes things move, happen, and go.” If I was going to say a fact about energy I would say:” Energy can be transferred into different types, at one movement, or sound.” 

We went to 2 field trips for our energy unit. We went to Sustainable city and the Sharjah Science Museum. They were both very fun! In the Sharjah Science Museum, we made a solar car, it was AMAZING! The Sustainable city was very interesting, I learned lots of stuff there.

Sustainable City
Sharjah Science Museum

We even made a nonfiction research project book about something to do with energy, the best part of the unit was the ENERGY SUMMIT! It was so exciting to present our work to other students and parents, I was a little bit nervous. My project in the energy summit was making a lemon battery, it’s very sad to say but it didn’t work, so we changed our project to making a circuit instead. 

Energy Summit

The unit was very interesting, fun, and educational when we started the unit, all I knew was that energy, is a type of electricity, and that’s not true at all. I still want to know about geothermal energy and hydro-power. I also want to learn about biomass.



Unit 4 Decimals Reflection

This math unit was about decimals. Decimals are numbers that are separated in parts. Decimals are kind of connected to fractions. So if I had 3/10 it would be in decimals 0.3 or 0.30. Decimals can be added or subtracted.

My favorite part about decimals was working with a partner and learning decimals written in tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. Decimals link to measuring and money. If I have 2 centimeters, maybe I have a bit extra, so I would have maybe, 2.6, I would have 26 millimeters. To money if I would have $6.10 you see that decimal point separating the extra parts of the number. I learned that if I had 7.85 and 7.08, 7.85 would be bigger because in 7.08 I don’t have any tenths.

I still want to know if there are millionths or other smaller parts, and how to use them. I have a decimal quiz for you. If I had 7.89 and 7.85 which will be bigger? If I had 7 67/100 how would you write it in decimals? If I measured  7.35 centimeters, how many millimeters? If I had 25 ten blocks is it 2.05? Why or why not?

My Favorite Advertisement

I am going to share in this blog post my favorite advertisement. It is a Matilda advertisement I made myself on pic collage. Here it is!

It is good because it shows my learning and my creativity. I am sharing it because I want you to get encouraged to read the book, Matilda. I would improve it by removing a few pictures and clearing the space. I think this advertisement does advertise Matilda very well. My favorite part of this work is the words that say ” There is even a movie for the book Matilda”.

I felt proud of myself when I was finished. I had to make a few changes to put some more information. Do you think I need more improvements? Then comment down below if you have. Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks!


Maths Unit 3

Unit 3 was all about Open number sentences, prime and composite, multiples and factors and lastly multiplication and division.

The best thing I learned in Unit 3 is Prime and Composite. Have you heard the words Prime and Composite? I didn’t before the Unit. Tell me in the comments. I have a piece of work I want to share with you, I made this work with my friends. If you want to see the piece of work then scroll down. This piece of work shows my learning. It even shows people who don’t know what Composite, Prime, and Open Number Sentences. It teaches them what they are and how they work.

I need to still work on this unit on Prime and Composite. Can you help me learn my Prime and Composite? Do you have a trick to teach me? Tell me in the comments below.




Reflecting on my Personal Inquiry Project

For my project, I decided to make a mini-magazine about adverts. I decided to do that because I wanted to inform people about ads. I worked with my classmate Um Kalthoum. You know how we figured out who was doing what, we used a paper Ms.Davy gave us.

I worked okay for a 3 lesson project. I chose I did okay because it was not very good handwriting. I know this because when it was time to show people my project they couldn’t read one of the words.

I shared to the people who came to my project, I told them why I made put logos on the front page, I told them to read the paragraph, and I told them to choose one of the activities.

I worked well with Um Kalthoum, we made a good team. I would improve next time the handwriting because some people couldn’t read one of the words even I couldn’t, so I just told them to read on.

I did an action at home even. I traced two logos, the IKEA one and the FedEx one. It was fun tracing.

I felt very happy at the end of the project that I worked with Um Kalthoum. I could have done nothing without her. At the end of the project, I also felt proud of myself. What do you think of me and Um Kalthoum’s project? Do you like it? I learned while doing this project is that working with Um Kalthoum is easy.


Do you think you are a risk-taker? Well, today I am going to tell you how to be a risk-taker if you think you are not.

Do you think you know what a risk-taker is now?

I have some pictures to show you and you have to figure out what a risk-taker is. Do you think you know what a risk-taker is now? Tell me in the comments what you think a risk-taker is. If you need a video to tell what a risk-taker click HERE.

Now I will tell you what a risk-taker is. A risk-taker is a person that tries something new, like that guy on the picture you see he is trying to do the tightrope.

Now, do you know what a risk-taker is? I hope you are one too. Thanks!