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Do you think you are a risk-taker? Well, today I am going to tell you how to be a risk-taker if you think you are not. I have some pictures to show you and you have to figure out what … Continue reading

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This week we looked at print adverts, radio adverts, and even video adverts. I learned that clothes can be adverts. I learned that presentations¬†can be adverts too. I was surprised when I knew that presentations can be adverts. I want … Continue reading

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Will a Mountain Last Forever?

Do you think a mountain will last forever? I did, but now I changed my mind. It all started with the lesson of UOI and we were focusing on The World Changes due to Natural Processes and Human Innovations. We … Continue reading

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People of Determination

Have you ever known what is happening to a few people in this world? I know, and I bet you will find out, by reading this blog post. People of determination means that when somebody has a difficulty and achieves … Continue reading

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My Visit to Italy

Have you ever been to Italy? I did, well, it was my first time. I didn’t know how it feels to be there, but now I know. On July 28th, it was the time to leave from Holland and to … Continue reading

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UAE National Day

On the 29th of November, in school we celebrated National day. Everybody in the school were dressed in the UAE colors, either 1 color, or all the colors, or a traditional clothing from the UAE. The morning on that day, … Continue reading

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Reflection on Writing

Do you know how to make a story arc? Well I didn’t know, until we had an lesson about that. It was a day in October, in trimester 1. In the classroom, my classmates were sitting down listening carefully to … Continue reading

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Me and Piper’s…..innovation!

Have you ever made something amazing with popsicle sticks, paper plates a foam plate and even tape and cups? Well I have. Have you? Me and Piper were partners, we were standing in the standing table, but we had no … Continue reading

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My Reading Reflection

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

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