Do you think you are a risk-taker? Well, today I am going to tell you how to be a risk-taker if you think you are not.

Do you think you know what a risk-taker is now?


I have some pictures to show you and you have to figure out what a risk-taker is. Do you think you know what a risk-taker is now? Tell me in the comments what you think a risk-taker is. If you need a video to tell what a risk-taker click HERE.

Now I will tell you what a risk-taker is. A risk-taker is a person that tries something new, like that guy on the picture you see he is trying to do the tightrope.

Now, do you know what a risk-taker is? I hope you are one too. Thanks!

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This week we looked at print adverts, radio adverts, and even video adverts.

I learned that clothes can be adverts. I learned that presentations can be adverts too.

I was surprised when I knew that presentations can be adverts.

I want to know what else can be adverts.

I think advertising is important because it makes people buy the product, and the people who work in the shop gets money.

I want to share the advert below. I like it because I like the way they made the ketchup bottle cut like tomatoes because ketchup is made of tomatoes.

I hope you learned something today about advertisements. Thanks!


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Will a Mountain Last Forever?

Do you think a mountain will last forever? I did, but now I changed my mind. It all started with the lesson of UOI and we were focusing on The World Changes due to Natural Processes and Human Innovations. We learned that…

  • Sand comes from mountains because the mountains break apart by root wedging and ice wedging and then the rocks slide and bump each other until it reaches to the beach and the rocks are very tiny.
  • Volcanos don’t just pop up anywhere they pop up near other volcanos.
  • Mountains don’t last forever.(I am going to tell you why later in this post)
  • Innovators mean that people that invent something with things that are already invented.

But in this post, I am going to focus on Mountains don’t last forever. A piece of work I want to share is below. I chose it because I used a lot of effort in this work. I learned that mountains don’t last forever because sometimes you know it rains than when its winter it snows the water turns into ice and the ice pushes the sides and one day the rocks are going to break apart. That is called ice wedging. There is also another way, do you also know that sometimes birds eat fruits and when they finish it they drop the seed in any random place and if they drop it on a mountain inside one of the holes when it rains you know a few days it grows a tree. That is called root wedging.

Well, have you changed your minds now? Do mountains last forever? This post is not done yet but I just have a task for you. When you see a mountain look closely and see if there are a few cracks or any ice or seeds and think of what is the mountain going to look like 200 years later.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

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People of Determination

Have you ever known what is happening to a few people in this world? I know, and I bet you will find out, by reading this blog post. People of determination means that when somebody has a difficulty and achieves something, for example, somebody has a broken leg and they want to climb a mountain, that’s what people of determination means.

Here is an example of a real person that has a difficulty in their life, Beethoven was deaf and he made lots of pieces of music which is hard to do because then how would he listen to his music if he is deaf.

I was surprised when I heard that Beethoven was deaf and he made very beautiful music.Well, what do you think about this topic, you are going to tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading my blog post!

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My Visit to Italy

Have you ever been to Italy? I did, well, it was my first time. I didn’t know how it feels to be there, but now I know.

On July 28th, it was the time to leave from Holland and to travel to Italy. I was exited to go to Italy, because I wanted to know how life feels, over there. Me and my twin brothers, and my Mom, went into the plane, my mom told me it was an 1hour ride.

When we were getting out of the plane, I saw my Dad, and he picked us up from the airport. When we were going inside the car, I wondered how to open the car door, my twin brothers, showed me the right way.

We finally reached home, and it was 6:00. My Dad, was showing us a tour, around the house, and when we reached to the pool, my brothers asked my parents if they can swim, my Mom said:”It’s too late for that, you can swim tomorrow morning”. Then she changed her mind, she told them to jump in. The next morning, we ate breakfast, and straight away after that, we went swimming. The pool was FREEZING!!! I ran out, and covered myself with a towel, and let the sun, dry the water off me.

On the last day for the visit to Italy, we packed everything up in the same day, and we left back to holland, I liked Italy, I really wanted to stay, but I had to leave.


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UAE National Day

On the 29th of November, in school we celebrated National day. Everybody in the school were dressed in the UAE colors, either 1 color, or all the colors, or a traditional clothing from the UAE.

The morning on that day, everybody(well almost everybody)had money. I know you are wondering, reader why everybody are getting money, well I am going to tell you now. That day there was an fair, I know you are asking, what fair? It’s the fair for National day. There were lots of stuff you could do there, we were even lucky because we could buy our lunch, in the fair!!!! Isn’t that cool??? Well, November the 29th, was not a normal day, it was an amazing day, or even more than amazing. I hope everybody enjoyed the 29th of November, because I did.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

Here is a VIDEO of an traditional music, from the UAE. Where do you live? What is your country traditional music? Well, you are going to tell me, in the comments.

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Reflection on Writing

Do you know how to make a story arc? Well I didn’t know, until we had an lesson about that.

It was a day in October, in trimester 1. In the classroom, my classmates were sitting down listening carefully to Ms.Davy, telling us how to make a story arc. I wondered how I was going to make an story arc that would work as a good story in the end.

When Ms.Davy was done talking about how to make a story arc, I went to a seat and my head was on top on my hand, and I was thinking how to make a very good story. Until I got an idea I thought it was one of the best ones but when I read it, it didn’t sound right, so I decided to make another one because when Ms.Davy was talking about how to make an arc she told us to make more than one. When I was almost finished my arc…. ding! ding! ding! The alarm ringed and I had to stop. “But I am not finished,”I said to myself. I knew I had to do it the next day. The next day I finished it and here is how it turned out to be before and after.

Have you ever made an arc?

Click this LINK to see the pictures.


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Me and Piper’s…..innovation!

Have you ever made something amazing with popsicle sticks, paper plates a foam plate and even tape and cups? Well I have. Have you?

Me and Piper were partners, we were standing in the standing table, but we had no ideas, so we walked to the material table, and an idea popped up in Piper’s head. I didn’t understand it, but I agreed in it anyway. She explained it to me so I could understand it, but I partly understand what she meant. ” Aiya you cut the plate,”said Piper. I slowly followed her instructions, and after that she told me more instructions, until it was time to stick both parts together, and that was the hardest part. The first time we tried it, it was a fail, the second time, it worked.

We finally completed our innovation, it is called The Cooler. I was so proud of myself when we finished our innovation. After that we were asked to place our innovation on a table. We sat on the carpet, Ms.Davy called our names, and she took a picture of us. Well here is my story, when I made an innovation. What do you think of my innovation? Do you have any ideas to improve? Would you like to try it out? Thank you for reading!

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My Reading Reflection

Click this LINK to see my post.


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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

To see my blog post click this link.


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