Reflection on moral education lesson 2: compassion, empathy and sympathy.

In Moral Education yesterday, we learned about compassion, empathy and sympathy. I learned that empathy means to put yourself in someone else shoes. Sympathy means to feel bad for someone. And compassion means to do good deeds for someone or be caring to them. I really enjoyed the lesson. I think that these words represent the term of a caring or/and kind hearted person. I feel that I have been in situations that included sympathy the most. I would always feel bad for people who do not have the amazing things that everybody else has but don’t appreciate. Like food, water, homes and most importantly, family. Does anyone disagree with my definition of these three words? Or does anyone feel the same about not appreciating the stuff we have? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

What does it mean to be a thinker?

Being a thinker helps you achieve other attitudes such as inquirer and reflective. as a thinker you reflect on your actions and think about ways to make them better. while doing this you might get into tricky areas like my class did today in our pre-test. most of the class struggled in prime and composite numbers. I didn’t though. I was lucky and actually researched what these two types of numbers meant while I was doing an IXL about them weeks before the pre-test. now I know that prime numbers are numbers that can only be divided by 1 and itself and that composite numbers are numbers that can be divided by 1, itself and more. I am really looking forward to our lesson when the class will learn about these two different types of numbers because I have a feeling that they will be surprised about their meanings. I have 1 request though. If anybody thinks they know the meaning of prime and composite numbers please leave your guess in the comments.