Alive At Five (Unit 5)

In our U.O.I unit we played a game called ‘Alive At Five’. It was a great game. We each got a card with a nationality, name and answers to eight questions about our environment and lives. We started between 2 areas. One meant death, while the other meant survival. Each question that had an answer that was good for us made us move one step forward while the ones with an answer that didn’t benefit us would make us move one step backwards. If you were closer to death than survival (like me) you wouldn’t die, but you wouldn’t be as healthy as the others. If you were closer to survival then you would survive but you would only be 80% healthy. I really enjoyed the game and learned that many kids actually go through this and don’t survive (especially in Africa).This connects to our unit of children rights and responsibilities because it shows how many people have the rights to many things that they don’t have. I really feel sad for the children who were really going through this situation. They are saving money and working to survive while we are saving money and working to buy the newest electronics and games or jewelry and accessories. I really hope that we can save all the kids who are dying out there in Africa, and make them happy too.

AD Unit Reflection (Unit 3)

In this unit, I have really enjoyed all our fun activities. We made our own ads for existing products. We also made a research project about ads and logos and everything we have learned throughout the unit. We shared most of the work we did in the class. We also answered a sheet which asked us to guess the name of a company or place using it’s logo. We did this activity in groups and had a great time. We also listened to radio ads and made hear think wonders for them. We also made see think wonders for magazine ads. The main goal of this unit was to learn about ads and how companies make them, how logos are thought of, and how they make their jingles and slogans. Overall, I enjoyed every part of the unit. Though we didn’t make our own products, I disliked nothing.  I am really looking forward to our new unit about energy. It sounds as if it will be fun and will include lots of new facts and statements. I really love unit of inquiry!

Slogans (Unit 3)

Slogans are catchphrases that hook the listener or reader in and tempts them to buy the products. So today I have researched about some of the best and most attractive slogans, I have them in order from the best in my opinion to the worst in my opinion. Here they are:

1. Skittles: Taste the rainbow.

2. Frosties: It’s grrreat!

3. Wheaties: The breakfast for champions.

4. Lays: Betcha can’t just eat one!

5. Nike: Just do it.

6. M and M’s: Melts in your mouth, not your hand.

7. I can’t believe it’s not butter!: I can’t believe it’s not butter.

8. De Beers: a diamond is forever.

9. Maybelline: Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.

10. Wendy’s: Where’s the beef? [Why it’s the worst: because the beef is right there on the bun!]

During my research I also found another  bad slogan from google. It was don’t be evil. I think this isn’t a good slogan since it has no good meaning or connection to a search site. I think a good slogan would need a connection to the type of store, make sense, have an avatar speaking and should have a video alongside with it. I really hope I get to make my own slogan in class and use tips from real slogans. I think my classmates would also enjoy this activity since it requires creativity and they really like decorating. I  really enjoyed researching these slogans and worked really hard, so I hope you liked it!

Moral Education Unit 2

In moral education today, we started unit 2. It is about staying physically healthy and mentally healthy. I learned that if you want to stay physically healthy, you need to stay clean, exercise, and eat good foods. But to stay mentally healthy, you should try to worry less about your problems and things that are on your hands that you don’t want to mess up. I also have a few questions that I am going to answer in this post. Here they are:

Q: What is your favorite sport? Where and when do you play it? How does it affect your physical health?

A: Soccer.  I play it 3 times a week at a indoor soccer pitch called Koora Dome. It helps me stay fit.

Thank you for reading.

Math Unit 2 Reflection

In unit 2 of math, I studied place value. I learned the 4 ways to write numbers, which are expanded form, word form, base ten form and number form. I also did a few activities in my math workbook and notebook which I will show in this post. The worksheets in the workbook were all about writing them in the 4 forms. I learned a lot from this unit and am looking forward to the next unit. This unit was good too but I preferred the geometry unit.

Here are the activities/worksheets that I did in class:

These are the place value practice sheets.

Empathy, Sympathy and Compassion In Deeds (Moral Education Unit 2)

In this post I am going to show you some examples of these three words, [empathy, sympathy and compassion]. Please guess which is which. One word will not represent any of the pictures. Leave your guesses in the comments.

Samira is feeding an exhausted cat that has fatigue. What is this?

Yousef feels bad for this Nepalese woman that is weeping over her destroyed home. What is this?Saif is consoling his friend Mohammad who is crying since his dad is in the hospital. he shares with him his experience where his dad was in the hospital. What is this?

Here is the doc to the answers, please do not delete anything…or else!:


How To Respect Others (Moral Education)

Respect is an important thing, you need to know how to respect others in a way that makes them feel good. I am going to give a few tips on how to compliment/respect other people:

  1. Make them feel good by saying things that are good about them like ” You have great writing” or ” I always look up to you in ….”
  2. Invite them to “hang out” with you or join his/her game.
  3. Give them advice in certain situations/problems that they are in.
  4. Make them feel like they are important.
  5. Make them your friend.
  6. Always treat them like you want to be treated.

Tolerance Post (Moral Education)

If you don’t know what tolerance is, then in this post I will be sharing the meaning of tolerance and in-tolerance and some examples of tolerance and in-tolerance. First of all, tolerance is when you show respect to people no matter how they look or even if they are different. An example of tolerance would be to play with people who have a different skin tone then you to be respectful and caring to somebody who might look odd to you because of a diagnosis they which they have. This is fine. You can be different because of a diagnosis or sickness that you have. It is up to other people to respect you. It is not your fault that you are different, in fact, everybody is different. In-tolerance is the exact opposite of tolerance. It means to judge people by their looks and make fun of them. This may not seem that bad for people who don’t have any diagnosis, but for people who do, this is just like bullying. It is especially annoying when you are being made fun of because of your look behind your back since you don’t know who is making fun of you, where they are making fun of you how they are making fun of you. Nobody wants this. We can stop this though! We just have to show respect and remember that being different is okay. Always be tolerant and never make fun of anyone.

UOI 1 Reflection

In my first unit of inquiry, [U.O.I], I learned about systems. I learned that systems keep everything organized and in shape. Systems also give people orders and sometimes can even be laws. We also did a project about systems where we had to have a community with at least 3 systems. It was group work. Me and my group, which was Yoyo, Ahfaz, and me, made a great slide about our community. Which I will leave a link to and the end of this blog post along with my reflection on this unit. I had to reflect about the community that my group made up. We named our community DX Generation, which turned out to be a real name for wrestling duo! I really enjoyed our unit!