Math Playground! Our New Math Website

Today, (June 10th), me and my classmates tried a new math website that helped us improve our measurement skills for area and perimeter. It included word problems to answer and some rectangles to measure and find their perimeter and area. I enjoyed the website it didn’t teach me anything new but it enhanced my measurement skills (Length,Width,Area and Perimeter).I hope that in the future we get to do more challenging work that will enhance our skills as a class not just as individuals unlike this activity. It taught us all the same things and helped us improve as one. This sort of activity is new to me since usually when we have an assignment on Google Classroom we are all assigned with different things which are assigned mostly assigned on our trouble spots. I would prefer us to move altogether so we can stay on track an keep everybody at the same level. Therefore if we continue to use websites like this, nobody will be trailing behind because they will get the same information as the rest of the class. I really enjoyed this website and enjoy all websites of sort and hope we continue to use websites like this one!

Math Unit 2 Reflection

In unit 2 of math, I studied place value. I learned the 4 ways to write numbers, which are expanded form, word form, base ten form and number form. I also did a few activities in my math workbook and notebook which I will show in this post. The worksheets in the workbook were all about writing them in the 4 forms. I learned a lot from this unit and am looking forward to the next unit. This unit was good too but I preferred the geometry unit.

Here are the activities/worksheets that I did in class:

These are the place value practice sheets.

Math End of unit achievements

In this unit, I am most proud of this certificate since I have answered 8,500 questions. Last year I answered only 3,200 questions by the end of the year. But this year, I have answered 5,300 more questions then last year in one trimester. This year I have learned a lot more then last year. I have learned graphing, division, multiplication, input and output tables and subtraction up to millions.