Math Unit 2 Reflection

In unit 2 of math, I studied place value. I learned the 4 ways to write numbers, which are expanded form, word form, base ten form and number form. I also did a few activities in my math workbook and notebook which I will show in this post. The worksheets in the workbook were all about writing them in the 4 forms. I learned a lot from this unit and am looking forward to the next unit. This unit was good too but I preferred the geometry unit.

Here are the activities/worksheets that I did in class:

These are the place value practice sheets.

Math End of unit achievements

In this unit, I am most proud of this certificate since I have answered 8,500 questions. Last year I answered only 3,200 questions by the end of the year. But this year, I have answered 5,300 more questions then last year in one trimester. This year I have learned a lot more then last year. I have learned graphing, division, multiplication, input and output tables and subtraction up to millions.