My ideas are:

  1. The history of Fortnite


My final decision is that I will… Find out the history of Fortnite


My plan is to… Write down the evolution of Fortnite (new add-ons)  


I will keep my work / information…  Paper


My final ‘product’ or my aim I am working to achieve is… Find out how Fortnite has evolved


Transdisciplinary Themes I am Working on: 


HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES: expressing ideas; creativity; music, drama, art, writing, poetry.

Approaches to Learning I will Focus On:  (delete what you are not using)

Research Skills – Asking questions. Observing. Planning. Collecting & recording data/information by drawing, note taking, making charts, writing etc. Organizing information. Making conclusions.




My ideas are:

  1. Find new mystery science experiment to work on.


My final decision is that I will… Find a new Mystery Science experiment to work on.


My plan is to… Choose an experiment that I am interested in.


I will keep my work / information…  in my mind


My final ‘product’ or my aim I am working to achieve is… to learn new facts in science.


Transdisciplinary Themes I am Working on:  

HOW THE WORLD WORKS: science (living things, physics, chemistry etc.); scientific & technological discoveries/inventions.

Approaches to Learning I will Focus On:  

Research Skills – Asking questions. Observing. Planning. Collecting & recording data/information by drawing, note taking, making charts, writing etc. Organizing information. Making conclusions.

Math Playground! Our New Math Website

Today, (June 10th), me and my classmates tried a new math website that helped us improve our measurement skills for area and perimeter. It included word problems to answer and some rectangles to measure and find their perimeter and area. I enjoyed the website it didn’t teach me anything new but it enhanced my measurement skills (Length,Width,Area and Perimeter).I hope that in the future we get to do more challenging work that will enhance our skills as a class not just as individuals unlike this activity. It taught us all the same things and helped us improve as one. This sort of activity is new to me since usually when we have an assignment on Google Classroom we are all assigned with different things which are assigned mostly assigned on our trouble spots. I would prefer us to move altogether so we can stay on track an keep everybody at the same level. Therefore if we continue to use websites like this, nobody will be trailing behind because they will get the same information as the rest of the class. I really enjoyed this website and enjoy all websites of sort and hope we continue to use websites like this one!

Alive At Five (Unit 5)

In our U.O.I unit we played a game called ‘Alive At Five’. It was a great game. We each got a card with a nationality, name and answers to eight questions about our environment and lives. We started between 2 areas. One meant death, while the other meant survival. Each question that had an answer that was good for us made us move one step forward while the ones with an answer that didn’t benefit us would make us move one step backwards. If you were closer to death than survival (like me) you wouldn’t die, but you wouldn’t be as healthy as the others. If you were closer to survival then you would survive but you would only be 80% healthy. I really enjoyed the game and learned that many kids actually go through this and don’t survive (especially in Africa).This connects to our unit of children rights and responsibilities because it shows how many people have the rights to many things that they don’t have. I really feel sad for the children who were really going through this situation. They are saving money and working to survive while we are saving money and working to buy the newest electronics and games or jewelry and accessories. I really hope that we can save all the kids who are dying out there in Africa, and make them happy too.

Math Unit 4 Reflection

In unit four of math, I learned about decimals and how to subtract and add them too. I had forgot a bit about decimals since third grade so this was a chance to restore my memory. I learned about tenths hundredths and thousandths. I learned how to convert them into words or into numbers. I really enjoyed this unit and hope we have this much fun in the future units!

UOI Unit 4 (Feedback On The Energy Summit)

In this unit, we had an energy project. I chose to talk about the timeline of energy and it’s future since I was interested in when energy was made and who created it. I wanted to know which energy our ancestors used the most. I made a poster, filled in a research booklet, made a short cartoon, and gave the people a short quiz on my computer. I think I did great! We got graded too so I was really stressed! Plus we only had one week to complete everything! I think everybody presented well and did great! I hope we get to do more projects in the future!

Reading Unit 2

I loved our reading unit! We did many things that we liked, including research! My group and I researched about lions. We ended up with lots of information. I learned that nonfiction text has less text than fiction text. The books are also shorter and don’t have characters. I enjoy fiction more because it expands my imagination and is fun to read. I noticed that nonfiction comes in short series while fiction have many books in one series. I really enjoyed researching with my group and I hope we can do more research in the future.

Writing Unit 2

In my writing unit, I wrote a persuasive essay about soccer and that it is the best sport ever. We had to use the OREO structure (Opinion, Reason, Evidence, Opinion Restated). We also used in paragraphs and had to have three reasons accompanied by a short memory and fact/interesting thing. We learned that we have to hook the readers while giving information to them. I enjoyed writing the informational essay and think I did great!


My Experience At Camp

On Wednesday, February 14th, I left to camp with most of my grade. At first, it didn’t look so great. But as we explored, it turned out to to be one of the best places I had ever been to!

First, we got on the bus with our luggage in the trunk. The seats were very comfortable. It was no ordinary bus though, it had cupholders, seats that go back, and armrests, unlike the buses at our school, which have leather seats covered in polyester. These buses were touristic buses, which are big and safe.

When we arrived at the mangroves, we got divided into groups. Each group had an instructor. My instructor was the best! Her name was Marina. She was from Spain. After we got divided into the 5 groups, we started our first activity, Crab Catching.The activity lasted for about 45 minutes. We ended up with 3 crabs. One yellowish orange and two purple. We even named the purple crabs Charles and Joseph, and the orange crab Charlie. To catch the crabs we used small, green nets. After we finished, we let the crabs go, of course. Later, we ate lunch under our tent in the mangroves. They had burgers, biscuits, apples and potato chips. After lunch, we had another group challenge. The scavenger hunt. The winners would get dinner first that night. We were hoping to win. Unlucky for us, another group won. As I remember, they were the Ickle Pickles. Not to mention that our group was called The Mad Crabs. I liked our chant the most though. At first, Marina would shout, Who likes the mangroves! Then we would respond, we we we we we like the mangroves! In the rhythm of the song, Who Let The Dogs Out! I really enjoyed the mangroves.

After we finished, we hopped back onto the bus and drove to camp. The drive there was only 1 hour and 15 minutes. Compared to the ride to the mangroves, which was 2 hours and a half, that ride was nothing! When we reached to camp, we dried off and got to experience something that most campers don’t get to see, the camels at the campsite gave birth! The baby camels were white, unlike the big camels who were dark beige. We also studied camel poop, and how it was dry because the camels keep the water they have in their bodies. marina also opened the poop up so we could see what the camels ate. We found grass, plants, and seeds. After that, we went back in to change and have free time. In free time, I played soccer with my friends. After free time, we went to have dinner. The dinner was chicken wings, noodles, and rice. The food was delicious! After dinner, we went back to our dorms to unpack and change for the campfire. So I went in to change into my PJs. Soon, we headed to the campfire, which was outdoors. At campfire, we sang songs, told riddles and jokes, played games, and did a talent show.

After the campfire, we headed to our dorms to brush our teeth and pack our bags with the stuff we didn’t need for the next day. This was so we could put our bags in the bus the next day right after we changed and got ready for the day. We also got our sleeping bags ready for sleeping time. After 30 minutes, we turned lights off and went to sleep. At that time it was about 9:30 pm.

The next day, I woke up at 5:45 due to the noises that were coming from the AC. At that time only 2 people were awake. So I started dressing up and putting sun lotion on. But most importantly, I finished packing my luggage and day bag. At 6:15, everybody was awake. So we all packed our stuff and sleeping bags and were on our way outside to put our bags next to the buses.

When we finished with the bags, we had breakfast. It was the best! I had 3 boiled eggs, 1 bowl of cereal, and a piece of toast with strawberry jam.

Then, we were divided into 4 groups. This time we changed instructors every activity or two.

First, we went sand boarding. Which was awesome! Then we went to a place where we learned how to make a fire with flint and steel, cotton balls, and different sizes and shapes of wood. Later, we went to the high ropes course, which had 3 floors. Of course I chose the highest one, the third floor. It had four planks of wood lined up in front of each other with gaps in between them that were attached to the rope on top of them by two ropes each. I was nervous, but I made it in no time at all. After that activity, we did an activity called Tracks and Traps. There we had to identify animal tracks and find animal burrows. Then we would place the traps in front of the burrows. We didn’t keep the traps because, if we caught a bug in the pitfall trap, which was a bucket in a hole with a biscuit in it, a bird would eat it and leave. Also, if we caught a rodent in the normal trap, then the metal it was made of would get hot and burn the rodents’ feet.

Then, we took a group picture and had lunch. Which was pasta and red or white sauce with potato chips along with bread and hummus.

After that, we got back onto the bus and drove back to school. There, I was welcomed by my mom. I was really happy to see them again. It was a great moment!

I loved camp and I am really, really looking forward to the Marine Camp next year, in grade 5!

Unit 4) Bill Nye The Science Guy Energy Post

In the video, Bill Nye The Science Guy Energy, I learned about many types of energy and how to convert energy and how energy is used in certain ways. In this post, I will be sharing some things I learned from the video and some topics the video was talking about.


The topics that the video told me about were types of energy, how energy is used, why it is important, and how we get our energy.

I learned that:

  1. All energy can be converted to another energy.
  2. Solar power is unlimited while oil, coal, uranium and other ores are finite.
  3. Most energy comes from the sun.
  4. The world relies on energy.
  5. Water can be used as an energy source as well as steam. (Which power turbines).
  6. The sun doesn’t only give solar energy/power, it also gives plasma energy.
  7. The higher an object is, the more potential energy it stores.
  8. The amount of kinetic energy can never be more than the amount of potential energy.
  9. Somehow, clouds will stop moving if the energy in the world disappears.
  10. Most energy is infinite. (Solar, thermal, plasma, wind)
  11. (IMPORTANT). Water energy is actually FINITE because water can run out.   

This is what I learned from the Bill Nye The Science Guy Video about energy. I hope you learned a lot!