Hi everybody,

Me and the whole grade five just got back from camp, we when then for three days and 2 nights yay ,we when to camp Ecoventure we had many activities and they we all fun, some of them were snorkeling, and team building also kayaking, shelter building and squid dissection, also , my personal fav was kayaking. Also snorkeling the water was really cold and there was this weird animal called a sea cucumber you could kiss it some of my friends did but not me 🤢🤢🤢ewww… there were also sea orchant, and team build was hard because it was hard to scherch and not fall we tried million of time and also shelter and rafts we learned how to make crafts and a shelter out if abandon items, squid diesels was fun we got to write with its ink we saw his three hearts and alll of it.well I hope next year will be fun bye!!!!

Amelia signing out

3 truths and a lie

hi guys Amelia, here again, to show you two truths and a lie about Amelia Earhart lets get to it.

number 1
1: she worked as a telephone operator?

number 2
2: how many books did she write?

number 3
3: did she have 4 siblings?

number 4
4: did she name her plane?

type your answer in the comment box thanks for reading

About Me!!

hi, i am Amelia a 5th-grade student at UAS.Ok so here are some facts about ME!!

  • I love all animal except for the scary ones.
  • My favorite food is Unicorn Farts {Cotten candy}
  • my best friends are Emma-Reagan-Alice-Hala
  • I’m a jake pauler
  • I ride horses

Thanks for reading see ya next time!!!