Monthly Archives: April 2016

Slc with my parents

Amelia’s conference made her parents see, wonder and think as well as understand her math journal. Amelia shared her blog posts with he parents and explained the importance of being a good digital experience.



uno x flip

hi i am back last week i made up a game and i want to show it to the game i made up  is that you have   a pack of uno cards and you have two sets so what you do is tat you have a post it note so Read more: uno x flip

Asia Express

For spiritual break I went to China in China I saw my old best friend and my friends that I call family we went on the bay and we played laser tag also we went to Singapore we went there for once day after that we went to chagdu.





Distributive Math

It works by first grabbing a single digit number and a double digit number and pull the double digit apart like this:



Here’re are some examples of the distributive property’s