Monthly Archives: January 2016

Math goal-week of Jan 24th

My goal for math is to try vary hard to finish the ✖️6s because I finished the ✖️3s.I will do the by practicing on:

-by drilling

The test is on Thursday 26 this week



Library search

Today before library I made a plan and a goal. I desied that I wanted a fairy tale and a book about pandas.I got a panda a book becuse was born in China and I love pandas. And I got a fairy tale becuse I wanted to be balanced with non-ficson and fairy tales.

I feel great becuse I planed to get a panda book and I got a fairy tale and non-fiction. I met my goal.yaaaaaa!😊


The unit 4 pretest reflection

What I am good at ?

*use grated then,less then,equaled to
*use true and false

I need to work on ?
*fact family’s
*whats my rule


And the real test is onnnnn Sunday Jan 17th yaaaaaaaaa!😆