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Inventions change over time

Why do inventions change? Inventions change because… For example the first camera, the first camera had to change because it had to take more photos and the first dress it needed to change so it could took vary pretty.

Why do inventions improve ? Inventions need to improve because… For example the light bullb the light bullb needed to change so it can bring more light in the any room.

How do you think inventions improve? In think inventions improve because… For example the running shoe, the running shoe needed to improve so it can be more comfortable and soft And that’s why I think inventions should improve .



Tomas Edison research reflection

Thomes Edison is one of the best inventors in the he world he’s invented :

.light bullb
.tinfoil phonograph

What is he famous for? He is famous for the tinfoil phonograph and the electric pen and most of all the light bullb:)

Here are some fun facts about him :
He was half deaf !
He was the first one to say hello as a greeting!
He did not do well in school:(
He loved to experience with electricity!!
He had his first job at the train station when he was 11 years old
His brithday is on February 11,1847
Tomes Edison traits are: thinker creative principled

Tomas Edison has made 1,093 invenchons