Children’s Rights and Responsibilities.

Have you ever wanted to know how someone’s populaity coming from their long lost friends? Well today I will be talking about how Malala Yousafzai’s long lost friend you may never heared about increased Malala’s popularity. It all started in UOI class…

This month’s inquiry was rights and responsibilities, people in my class had to choose a role model to play a character as. I focused on Malala Yousafzai’s friend, Kainat Riaz. She is not popular and to research on her was a very hard task.. But luckily on there was an interview of Kainat Riaz and Malala’s other friend, Shazia Ramzan. Whats also great about this website (BBC news) is that it says more than “Malala, Shazia, and Kainat got shot by the Taliban” It also talks about what the girls are doing now to help for example Malala Fund etc… This is a video i took..

Click Here

As much as I loved doing this project I was not that perfect! That why I have some stars and wishes below..


  • I spoke confidently
  • I had eye contact
  • I didnt be unformal                                         WISHES 


  • I could have talked a bit louder
  • I shouldnt have said the same thing again and again.

          Some things I could have changed were..

  1. Change my charecter because mine was a bit hard..
  2. Change my clothes because I was burning!

                                                  Anyway presenting was even harder, but I really enjoyed it!                                                                                                                 Thank you for taking your time to read this post!



All About Decimals – G4 Reflection.

When wondering about decimals, you just would think its just a useless dot. But there is more to decimals then you think! Read on for proof! Earlier this month, in math we were learning about decimals. What decimals are, how they work, all of that. Basically decimals are basically like a fraction. So if 3 pizzas were eaten out of ten, then it would be 0.3. One, because it is out of ten and not out of a hundred, and two, there is no wholes eaten, in other words,  i did not eat a whole pizza in a box, i ate only 3 pizzas inside that box.

So all about this decimal thing, you can even add and subtract decimals! You use them in all sorts of thing such as, money, division, and even measuring! Sometimes even in the stock market; But personally, my favorite way of using decimals is division! Its basically an everyday life thing you use. Sometimes people don’t even know how important they are! 

Learning about decimals are tons of fun but I want to know some more things. I would like to know if you can replace a decimal with a comma. But I have some questions if you learned from this post! I ate 2 packets of chips, but I ate 3 more chips  from another pack but I didn’t finish it. The answer is 2.3 but why is it correct? Leave it in the comments!

Thank you for reading!



My Opinion Essay on Canada


Everyone has a favourite country, mine is Canada, Let’s suppose you’re looking for a place to live that has happy neighbours, a peaceful life, and a place that is safe. Well, Canada is the place for you!

I love Canada because first, it is a peaceful place, it’s very green and mostly it is a real adventure! For proof, read on!

I love Canada firstly because it is very peaceful! E.G, when I first went to Canada I never EVER heard shouting or fighting. It was very quiet and peaceful and every person we met was happy and kind. And all we heard was birds chirping! And when we lived in our first apartment, in the corridor, there was no playing allowed. You had to play outside…Don’t believe me if Canada is not peaceful? Well if you ever go there, you will believe me then. It’s like a heaven but on earth!!!! Birds chirping, happy people, peace, the sound of deer playing, what else can you wish for?  

My second reason is that Canada is very green! For proof, One time in my old Canadian school, our class had a field trip to the famous forest, Forest Valley. There, we have seen many animals and birds! Also, at Forest Valley, there were a lot of flowers and plants and pods! Our class even saw the tallest tree there which was 200 years old! Also, that proves that Canada was green for many many years! After the field trip, I remember that I have never seen any pollution there, no air pollution, no ground pollution, no water pollution, no soil pollution, the list goes on! Also, there are so many forests like Parkway Forest Park, Boreal Forest Park, and Great Lakes-St Lawrence Forest Region. And also there are a lot of wild animals and flowers… And Canada is an excellent, ideal, an amazing place for you to camp! I mostly think Forest Valley will mostly suite you! As you saw in my mini story.:)

And last but not least my 3rd reason is that Canada is a real adventure…It’s also like a dream come true! Go meet Mickey Mouse at Canada’s Wonderland! Swim with the sharks at Cultus Waterpark, ROAR with the beasts at the Toronto Zoo and chirp with the birds at Ojibway Nature Centre! Also when I was in Canada me and my mum went to the Toronto Zoo. There was an expedition/quest. And it was a real adventure because there were fake animals roaring and we were in a room that looks like a real jungle! Also, we were wearing exploring clothes! ( jungle like..)

Also if your family loves camping try camping in these following places, Forest Valley, Alice Lake Provincial Park, Jasper National Park and Terra Nova National Park. Also, go to some aquariums! 

To conclude I love Canada because it’s very peaceful, its very green, and mostly it’s like an adventure, Next time when your family plans to go somewhere for a vacation, try going to Canada. Canada, a place like a dream come true…

A UAS Experience – UOI Project

Hello reader,

Last week in UOI we spent the WHOLE WEEK making an advertisement to persuade people to come to UAS! I worked with my good friend Naveen, Amirah, and Sumaya. But, I and Sumaya worked on persuading kids to come to the elementary part of UAS and Amirah and Naveen worked on persuading teenagers to come to the high and middle school part of UAS. It was a lot of work but it was eventually worth it!

So when I was working with Sumaya we found out how to persuade/ how to attract kids to come by how the poster should look like. You should add colourful stuff, add fun things like drawings, and also make it fun and play with the font. Personally, I would grade our effort and success a 4.5. I would say that because 1, we did home action! 2, we had a lot of ideas. 3, We were already planned on how we should create our advertisement. and 4, We worked our hardest. 

Here is our project.


Thank you for reading my blog post, I hope you understand how to make an advertisement now.:)


MATH! -Prime and Composite Numbers.

Do you know what is the difference between prime and composite numbers? Well, I never ever know what they mean… So today, I will tell you!

A prime number is a number greater than one, which factors are only one, and the number itself. In other words, a prime number is a number that has only 2 factors. And did you know chances are that a prime number will be mostly odd!

A composite number is a whole number that can evenly be divided by numbers other than one and that number itself. And in other words, a composite number is a number that has more than 2 factors. And yes again, chances are a composite number is even.

So know you know what a composite and prime number are, I have some questions for you! Is 77 prime or composite? Is 43 prime or composite? is 62 prime or composite? Write the answers down in the comments! 

And here is a poster me and my good friends, Aiya, and Sumaya made.

Thank you for reading!

Rosa Parks-How she was an important woman around the world.

This month our learner profile for the month of January is being a risk taker and communicator.  I focused on risk taker and I choose Rosa Parks as my role model. I choose Rosa Parks because of a lot of reasons that I will tell you right now…

Rosa Parks was born on February 4th, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. She was an activist and she also was in the times of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parks was a risk taker because she went to jail instead of letting a seat to a white man. This significant part of her life shocked everyone! Even Rosa’s husband was cross to find her in jail! But unfortunately,  the law was black people have to lend a seat anywhere whether its a bus, a church or a train. Believe it or not, colored and white people had different places to drink, eat, and use the bathroom! This was called segregation.

Now about this whole segregation thing…I know your wondering when did segregation start? It began in the mid-1800 hundred and ended in the 1950s. But now… it is 2018 but thanks to Martin and Rosa’s help we are all equal and happy like the world should always be. 🙂 Rosa Louise McCauley Parks is still remembered to this day…

Slogans and Advertisements!

As part of our unit of inquiry this week in school, we were learning about slogans and advertisements. Basically, advertisements are a way of persuading a person to buy your product or products. And a slogan is a phrase which goes with your logo. E.G “I’m lovin it” from Mc Donalds. We also learned that your slogan should go with your logo or what your main products are. So if you have a company selling bottles of shampoo, then don’t put something that is not connected.  Here’s an example of a good slogan.

I like this slogan because its kind of funny and kind of true. And MOSTLY it is connected to its product. But this is not the end of the world of slogans…..THERE’S MORE TO KNOW!! Did you know every country has a slogan? Don’t believe me? Have a look!

Even I didn’t know that! And I also researched that countries have slogans to make people come to their country!

I hope you learned about slogans and advertisements.

Thanks for reading!


This week we looked and heard at different type of ads such as: Print ads, radio ads and commercials/ TV ads. We learned that adverts should add lots of details that give an idea to the reader of what they are advertising. Also we learned they need to make it make sense or it would be rubbish! Here is an example of a good advert:

I think this is a good advert because this ad doesn’t have too much writing. Also this ad has a good background that describes what the ad is about. I think advertising is important because if you want people to buy something then advertising is the thing you need! Also you can advertise in lots of things such as: Magazines, billboards, tv shows and even in websites!

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you learned something.

Our World Changes Through Human Innovation & Natural Processes

Do you know what human innovation & natural processes mean?            Well I got your back because we are going to learn what it is today in class!

In UOI our central idea was is natural processes and human innovation. We learned…

  • What innovator and innovation means ( an innovation is a person who makes an invention that helps peoples needs. A innovator is a person who got inspired by the innovation and changes some parts.)
  • What human innovation and natural processes mean ( Human innovation means a long time ago there was nothing to solve a problem and human made an innovation. Natural processes means its happened naturally.
  •  And why people make innovations (they make it to help peoples lives.)

A piece of work I want to share is below. I choose it because I think this is my best work so far yet. I think that because It really shows detail and I put why I think that opinion. Also it has some drawings that explain the writing.

Next time you go anywhere which has no buildings….Look 5 years later to see the change!

The People of Determination.

Who are the people of determination? Are they a group? What do they do? Are they famous? Well I will answer those questions for you today in my class learning about disabilities.

The people of determination are people who have disabilities. Most of them inspire others to do stuff because people think the people with disabilities cant do anything but they stand for themselves and they challenge themselves to show people that they can also change the world. Different types of disabilities are: Being deaf, being blind, and Down syndrome.   Also in Dubai there is a club for the people of determination.

I was surprised that people have problems like these.. But I am thankful for me having absolutely no problems. But the people with determination also should be thankful for having people with them!