A Day of Art!!!

Hey reader…

Are you an average art fan? Have you even heard of art before? Have you even tried painting before? Do you even know what art means to painters? Well today I was in art class and I will answer those questions just for you!

It was a nice afternoon when the door bell rang outside my house! It was my art teacher! My mum welcomed her inside and my mum gave her some water. After my art teacher drank her water my art teacher came into my room and I was on my desk working on an art project for school! I saw her with surprise and I said hi to her. She asked me what I was doing and I said it was an art project for school. Then she went to my desk and we started studying art. She first started saying what art means to painters like her. She first started started saying what art means to her. She said that art is like imagining something and creating it. Painters think its like doing something random and creating a masterpiece. We then started painting abstract paintings. She started to show me some abstract paintings on her phone.



They were all nice paintings and I liked where the perpective was. After sometime time was over and she was going outside the door and I was waving goodbye…

I just love art. Art is my hobby and passion and when I grow up I want to be an artist. My favorite type of art is Abstract art because its imagining stuff. I would like you to start painting right NOW and see how art is important.

Thank you for taking time for reading this post!


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