Our World Changes Through Human Innovation & Natural Processes

Do you know what human innovation & natural processes mean?                                                Well I got your back because we are going to learn what it is today in class!

In UOI our central idea was is natural processes and human innovation. We learned…

  • What innovator and innovation means ( an innovation is a person who makes an invention that helps peoples needs. A innovator is a person who got inspired by the innovation and changes some parts.)
  • What human innovation and natural processes mean ( Human innovation means a long time ago there was nothing to solve a problem and human made an innovation. Natural processes means its happened naturally.
  •  And why people make innovations (they make it to help peoples lives.)

A piece of work I want to share is below. I choose it because I think this is my best work so far yet. I think that because It really shows detail and I put why I think that opinion. Also it has some drawings that explain the writing.

Next time you go anywhere which has no buildings….Look 5 years later to see the change!

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The People of Determination.

Who are the people of determination? Are they a group? What do they do? Are they famous? Well I will answer those questions for you today in my class learning about disabilities.

The people of determination are people who have disabilities. Most of them inspire others to do stuff because people think the people with disabilities cant do anything but they stand for themselves and they challenge themselves to show people that they can also change the world. Different types of disabilities are: Being deaf, being blind, and Down syndrome.   Also in Dubai there is a club for the people of determination.



I was surprised that people have problems like these.. But I am thankful for me having absolutely no problems. But the people with determination also should be thankful for having people with them!


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A Day of Art!!!

Hey reader…

Are you an average art fan? Have you even heard of art before? Have you even tried painting before? Do you even know what art means to painters? Well today I was in art class and I will answer those questions just for you!

It was a nice afternoon when the door bell rang outside my house! It was my art teacher! My mum welcomed her inside and my mum gave her some water. After my art teacher drank her water my art teacher came into my room and I was on my desk working on an art project for school! I saw her with surprise and I said hi to her. She asked me what I was doing and I said it was an art project for school. Then she went to my desk and we started studying art. She first started saying what art means to painters like her. She first started started saying what art means to her. She said that art is like imagining something and creating it. Painters think its like doing something random and creating a masterpiece. We then started painting abstract paintings. She started to show me some abstract paintings on her phone.



They were all nice paintings and I liked where the perpective was. After sometime time was over and she was going outside the door and I was waving goodbye…

I just love art. Art is my hobby and passion and when I grow up I want to be an artist. My favorite type of art is Abstract art because its imagining stuff. I would like you to start painting right NOW and see how art is important.

Thank you for taking time for reading this post!


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Reflecting on Writing a Narrative Story

In trimester 1, in class we had a project to write a good narrative story. We were learning about how to add detail and my story was about how a girl managed to go to the basketball team with bullies bullying her. The moral is to never be afraid even when its not really possible.

Also in class we learned that we should use dialogue. And if you don’t have any dialogue, it wont be a narrative story!  And if you see any ordinary fiction book, you will always see there is dialogue. Well I have never seen a fiction book with no dialogue! We also learned that your and my story should have characters that have important feelings that describe what the story is about. Examples are in my book down below!

I think this is my best work so far but obviously I have improvements and suggestions to give to my work! My first improvement is that I could have added more detail to my story. My second improvement is that could have made my chapters a little longer. Otherwise, I think I did a pretty good job on my work.

But I have a question for you.

What are your problems with writing a story? (Spelling, Not adding speech marks etc….)

Thank you for reading!!!

Click here for my story!

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UOI Project: Innovative & Innovators.

Yesterday we did a UOI project about innovation & innovators. We learned what they are and we learned how to be them. Basically, an innovation is a new invention that has been created by someone and no one else. An innovator is a person who got inspired by someone that has made something and they improve it. Its basically they liked the idea but they want to change some things!

Now you know all about innovators and innovation. Lets talk about what we did in our project and how we did it. First of all, I partnered with Farah in my class and Farah and me made a Pencil and color holder. We used straws for the pencil model. we used tape for making sections and finally we used a cup ( A plastic one ) for holding the pencils and colors.

With Farah it was a success and if I was alone I could have made it rubbish. But af course I have stars and wishes. These are my stars: I liked how we made something interesting. Not something boring. I also liked how we had a lot of teamwork because we worked together a lot and we listened to each others ideas. These are my wishes: I wished we could make it a little more bigger. It would also be good if we used actual pencils to show people it is actually a pencil and color holder. Otherwise it was a success!

Thanks for reading my post!

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Reading Reflection.

Here is the link to my reading reflection. Click here.

Thank you for reading my post!

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

Here is the link to my post for today.

Thanks for reading my post!

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How do we respect others?

Here are how you can respect others:

  • Open the door for others. (In England its a tradition for a man to open the door for a lady)
  • Say please and thank you.
  • Use kind words
  • Always share (always give)
  • Always compliment

    Here you can see the french first lady at the Abu Dhabi Mosque in Abu Dhabi and covering herself because she knows you will have to be covered at a mosque and take off your shoes! The french first lady is showing respect!


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Pe is fun we do swimming too!

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Favorite Animal!

Hi i’m Aleena. I love cats!

This is a Maine Coon.

My favorite type of cat breed is a Maine Coon. I like Maine Coons because they are very fluffy and they are very intelligent. They have pretty sharp claws too. But don’t touch their belly’s! They are one of the oldest breeds of cats and they weigh about 16 pounds!

Thanks for reading my post!

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