UOI Trip to Uptown School

In the grade 5 exhibition I learned about art, martial arts, and textures.

1. Textures are the type of fabric that you put on a picture.

2. Martial art is when you learn how to fight and you can also be strong because your suppose to train and eat healthy food.

3. Art is beautiful and art is when you draw stuff and you could express your feelings while you draw stuff.


1.What does martial arts have to do with fighting.

2.Why is their so many textures in the world.

What I didn’t like in the exhibition.

1.I didn’t like that they were kind of playing around.





Sharjah Science Museum

Hey everyone its me Adam, today I went to Sharjah science museum and now I’m going to reflect on what I did. So we went to this electric demonstration and there was a scientist and he was holding something and then he put it in to this big thing and there was electric sparkles. Also some people were touching the big thing and there hair was going up. So then we went to this workshop and we were making small cars and making races. Also wee and my partner went to this dark room and when we pressed a button it took a photo and we could see our shadow.

Unit 3 Math reflection

Factors, Multiples, Prime, and Composite.

Recently I learned about factors, multiples, prime and composite. Now I know that factors are numbers we can multiply together get another number. For example: 2 and 3 are factors of 6 because 2 x 3 =6. A number can have many factors.

Multiple is a number made by multiplying two whole numbers larger than 1. For example: 2,4,6,8 and 10 are multiples of 2. To get these numbers we multiply 2 by 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, which are integers.

A prime number can be decided exactly only by one or itself and it must be a whole number greater than 1. For example: 5 is a prime number because 5 can only be divided by 1 or 5.

Composite number is a whole number that can be divided exactly by numbers other than 1 or itself. For example: 6 is a composite number because 6 can be divided by 1, 2, 3, and 6.

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Writing opinion essay

Hi, everyone. It’s Adam. Today I’m going  to tell you what I did in my writing.I wrote about my favorite soccer. Soccer is fun because you get to shoot a ball in the soccer gate and you get to be goalie.  I play as a player instead of a goalie Because its hard to save peoples shots. If your a player in soccer you get to pass to your teammates, score goals and more. So I hope you enjoyed about learning why I really like soccer bye!


U.O.I unit 3 reflection

Hi everyone Im Adam Assad and today Im going In UOI we learned about advertisements. I learned about what makes a good advertisement and what makes a bad advertisement. We also learned learned that Slogans are really nice but some times they are not good.I also learned that  blue is for safety, black is for strong, red is for happiness and green is for smiles.we should all be red and green. Thank you.

Reading Response Journal Unit One Reflection

For our first unit of Reader’s Workshop we learned to read fiction books intensely. We learned about “stop and jot” or making notes of our thinking on post-its. By writing down our thoughts and questions as we read we are better able to remember and understand the stories. We also learned about character traits, author’s purpose and theme.

Please find attached my reflection on my reading response journal for unit one.

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My Own Country… Americanasia

For my first Unit of Inquiry I think ours was really good but we can do better.My partner was Awab.I learned about governments and systems. It was about polices, crimes and more.Our type of leader will be a president, he or she will become president by Election. Our Jail is very strict on the dangerous people, the dangerous people will be put



My Spooky Story

In October me and my class did a spooky scary story. In my story there was a killer clown and I felt very scary. I liked his costume but I didn’t like him because he was rude. He said to me that if I walked away he would punch me. I learned that do not talk to strangers or listen to strangers because they can hurt you. If a stranger talks to you ignore or go to your mom.


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