P.E Famous Athlete Project ( Usain Bolt ) the Lightning Bolt

                                            P.E  Famous Athlete Project


                                                           Usain Bolt

                                                   ( The Lightning Bolt )


Usain St Leo Bolt was born in August 21, 1986. He is a Jamaican sprinter and world record holder in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 4 x 100 meters relay. His reign as Olympic Games champion in all of these events spans three Olympics. Due to his achievements and dominance in sprint competition, he is widely considered to be the fastest sprinter of all time. An eight time Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt won the 100 meters, 200 metres and 4 x 100 meters relay at three consecutive Olympic Games, although he lost the 2008 relay gold medal about nine years after the fact due to a teammate’s doping disqualification. He gained worldwide fame for his double sprint victory at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in world record times, which made him the first person to hold both records since fully automatic time became mandatory. Bolt is the only sprinter to win Olympic 100 meters and 200 meters titles at three consecutive Olympics ( 2008, 2012 and 2016) .


An Eleven-Time World Champion :


As I told you already Usain Bolt won a consecutive World Championship 100 metres, 200 meters and 4 x 100 metres relay gold medals from 2009-2015, with the exception of a 100 meter false start in 2011. He is the most successful athlete of the World Championship, was the first athlete to win four World Championship titles in the 200 meters and is the joint-most successful 100 meters with three titles. Bolt also improved upon his second 100 metres world record 9.69 with 9.58 seconds in 2009. That is the biggest improvement since the start of electronic timing. He has twice broken the 200 meters world record, setting 19.30 in 2008 and 19.19 in 2009. He has helped Jamaica to three 4 x 100 metres relay world records, with the current record being 36.84 seconds set in 2012. Lightning Bolt’s most successful event is the 200 meters, with three Olympic and four World titles. The 2008 Olympics was Lightning Bolt’s international debut over 100 meters; he had earlier won numerous 200 meter medals ( including 2007 World Championship silver ) and holds the world under- 18 records for the event.


Usain Bolt’s ( Lightning Bolt’s ) Achievements :


His achievements as a sprinter have earned him the media nickname to be, “ Lightning Bolt “, and his awards include the IAAF World Athlete of the Year, Track and Field Athlete of the Year, and Laureus World Sportsman of the Year ( four times ). Bolt retired sadly after the 2017 World Championships, when he finished third in his last solo 100 meter race. Performing for Jamaica in his first Caribbean regional event as well, he clocked a personal best time of 48.28 s in the 400 meters in the 2001 CARIFTA Games, winning a silver medal. The 200 metres also yielded a silver, as Usain Bolt finished in 21.81 seconds.



Children’s Rights + Responsibilities

Hello readers,

Today I am going to be talking about, what our Unit of Inquiry unit was about. Our unit was Children’s Rights and Responsibilities. It was all about rights for children and their responsibilities. For example, all children have a right to go to school, get education and have a good life. Another example is, that children have a right to be free and not have to work for other people and not get any money.

Yesterday in Unit of Inquiry we presented our project about poor children and helpers. For the presentation I wore a costume to make it more realistic for the audience that I am the poor character. To add on, I am going to tell you people how I worked to the project. First I thought of ideas about who I was going to be, next I researched about my character and then I got all the information that I researched about and then practiced what I was going to say for the presentation. Just saying my character was Dorsen the miner. Now I want to show you a mini video of my presentation speech practice. It is below.

Press here for my video

Now readers, I want to talk about the important things that I learnt in this unit. An important thing that I learnt was, that some people like the black people had to work so hard for the white people and they don’t get any breaks, hardly any money and many more things. Also that some people are forced to get married at the age younger than eighteen. All of these things I think are important.

Some action I can make for poor people is to make things for them give them enough money, so then they will not be that poor and so they can at least buy things and have more money. Another action I can make for people that are forced to marry is to go to the government and make a way better law. Thank you for listening readers !









U.O.I Energy Reflection

Hello readers,

Many people have been asking many things about energy so today I will be telling you many things about energy so you can learn about it and always get things correct for energy. The things I am going to tell you about are what energy actually is, the types of energy I know, where energy comes from, what impact energy has on people and the environment and some more things that I know about energy, how it works, what is it connected to and many more.

First of all energy is basically what makes things work, move and go. The types of energy that I know are, solar energy, wind energy, heat energy, height energy potential energy, kinetic energy and many more things in the world. Some places where energy can come from is, the sun, solar panels, wind turbines, height and also many more things in our world. Energy can cause air pollution to the earth, cause global warming and again many more bad things for our earth. Potential energy is for example a marble. In the beginning it has all of it’s energy ready. Kinetic energy is when the marble is rolling down or moving using motion. To end of energy also can be transferred from one thing to another.

To conclude I hope you enjoyed what you read about and I also hope you learned many more new things you have never known before. Before we finish I wanted  to show you a picture of wind energy because I really like it. 

This is the picture of the windmills that I really like I hope you like it as well. Thank you for reading so see you later all you amazing readers.

My Persuasive Essay

Hello readers,

Today I want to share my persuasive essay with you.

Persuasive Writing 2018


NAME: Abdulla Anoohi


Claim :

Mr. Dorn must allow us to have P.E everyday


Brainstorm Reasons :

  • Being more fit 1
  • More time
  • Extra fun
  • More sports for us
  • Becoming strong
  • Exercise more
  • Time to be with friends 3   
  • Time to play
  • Learn more skills 2
  • New things you never knew     GOOD YEP!!!


 Plan :


    C : Mr. Dorn must allow us to have P.E everyday


    R : Being more fit

    E : Running laps

    E : Swimming many times

    E : Exercising everyday


    R : Learning more skills

    E : Things you never knew

    E : Getting better

    E : Practicing skills


    R : Time to be with friends

    E : Having fun

    E : See them more

    E : Talk with them more


Many people are becoming stronger and getting fitter so I want our principal Mr. Dorn to allow us to have Physical Education everyday so we can get fitter like all the other people who got fitter. So that is why today I am going to be talking about fitness and Physical Education everyday in school.


The first reason Mr. Dorn should allow us to have Physical Education everyday is because we can become fitter. The first example of how we can become fitter is by running laps. What surprises me about this is that the people who run lots of laps # like Usain Bolt have so much leg muscles and it is really well. I used to think that when you run many laps your legs will hurt so much and you will get tired. Though now I know if your legs hurt so much it means you are growing muscles on your leg and it is good for your fitness. The second example we can become fitter is by swimming. An example of this is that one day I went to swim for a really long time and once I finished I got fitter. This shows that if you swim you can become fit and strong. The third example of how we can become fitter is by exercising everyday. What surprises about this is that I have seen many people work out for many hours and in the end, they all got fitter as well. If you exercise for many hours or days you can become just like these people. Strong and very fit. The important thing about this is that you can become really healthy and live a strong life. This shows that if you do all this exercising  you can become more fit.


The second reason Mr. Dorn should allow us to physical education everyday is so we can learn many more skills. The first example we can learn many more skills is because we might get through to learn new things that we never knew before. You can learn many more skills in all the sports that there are. What also surprises me about this is that if it is possible for you to get through all the different sports you can become amazing and a pro player in every sport you can even teach people all the skills you can do so they can do it just like you. Many people think that every time you try you will fail and never get it right, but if you fail you just keep moving forward. The second example we can learn many more skills is by trying and trying to get better. One way you can get better is by having a really good coach or teacher to help you for a very long time to experience all the the skills and always get better at them. The third example we can learn more skills is practicing all the skills everyday. I used to think that if you practice all the skills everyday you will get so bored. Though now I know if you practice for many times it is better for your skills and your whole lifestyle.


The third reason Mr. Dorn should allow us to have physical education is, so we can have more time to be with all our friends. The first example we can have more time with our friends is so we can have fun with them. The thought I have about this is that if we can have more time with our friends we can do things together and have so much more fun than usually. The second example we can have more time with our friends is so we can see them more often. An example of this is that when I am in school some of my friends are not in my class so I can’t see them often. I only see them in recess and lunch. This shows that if we can have physical education everyday together we can see all of our friends for longer than right now. The third and final example we can have more time with our friends is so we can talk to them more. To add on when we talk to them we can be happy and finally talk about things with them.


To conclude I think it is better to have physical education everyday. All of you people are welcome to comment and I hope you agree with me, that is all I wanted to tell you for today so see you later and don’t forget to try and get fitter and exercise everyday to be really strong.







All About Decimals

What’s up readers,

Today I want to tell you about decimals in our math unit. Decimals are fractions that can be parts of a whole. Though in the beginning I thought that the decimals were the base ten blocks. Now I can even add and subtract decimals and make an answer. I can now do anything I am proud of my learning in math for decimals and looking forward for more decimals.

My favorite part for our unit was adding decimals, subtracting decimals and to know which decimal number is bigger. I also enjoyed measuring the decimals and using them as money for word problem sentences. I still want to improve more of the decimals and learning different ways for decimals and how they are also used in many different ways. I also want to conclude things below.

Lastly to conclude I want to tell you that I am looking forward to learn many more things about decimals and use them in different ways than we already did to become better at it and to feel more confident about it. See you later and that is allI am going to talk about for today.


Creating an Amazing Game

Hello Readers ,

Today I want to tell you about what I did today. I worked to make a game with my friends Youssef and Basim. We worked to make a game called Sling Shot Master. How you play the game is there is a sling shot with eight balls and you have to try to slingshot the balls in three hoops and the one who scores the most wins. We came up with the game by anything that includes your body and strength, you will need 2-8 players to play the game.

The problem about our game was that it did not work out well and it broke so we had to explain it and tell the people how to play. Also since it did not go out to be good me and my group went to try everybody’s games and also watched it was actually not that bad and I had a nice time.

To conclude,  what I enjoyed about the activity was that we all had a chance to play all the games, to have fun and to try new and creative games that everyone made. Thank you for listening and reading about today’s activity and if you enjoyed it and all my other blog post don’t forget to subscribe and try to create a game for yourself to play with all your friends and family, see you later.



Why I Admire Lionel Messi ?

Do you ever get bored of staying on the electronic 24/ 7? Try and play soccer. If you don’t know how to play, I think that Lionel Messi would be an amazing teacher. He can teach you skills, scoring and saving. The things that he can teach you is the rainbow flick, the rabona and megs. For scoring he can teach you how to curve or knuckleball to make the ball always go in the goal. Finally for saving he teaches how to save the ball from going in if you want to be a goalkeeper. Today I will tell you three reason why I admire Lionel Messi.

My first reason I admire Lionel Messi is because he never gives up. My first example he never gives up is even if he loses a match or misses shots. As I say this I am realizing that he doesn’t care if he loses or not and he doesn’t argue with anyone and thinks that everything is not fair. This shows that Lionel Messi is not selfish and and has to be rude or mean in everything. I used to think that Messi was always selfish and unkind but now I think that he cares about other people and not only himself. Many people think that Lionel Messi always gives up, but I think that he never gives up and he keeps moving forward even though he fails sometimes. What surprises me about this is that I think Lionel Messi never gives because he keeps practicing and pushing himself to do lots of amazing things. I see that this connects to, once when I was at my house I was practicing soccer 4 hours a day and I was pushing myself so much just like Lionel Messi did and I didn’t want to give up even though I was really tired, I just kept moving forward. Though the important thing about this is that he never gives up and keeps pushing himself to do better things. My second example he never gives up is that even though he falls and gets injured. What surprises me about this is that it shows that he is really strong and doesn’t go to the hospital. Many people think that if Lionel Messi falls and gets injured he will just retire. Though I think that he will not. My third example he never gives up is that even if the other team takes that ball from him, he will still keep running and running until he gets the ball back from the other team. This also connects to when I was small I was playing in a small match but I lost the ball and the other team took it from me. Although I kept trying to get the ball back from the other team just like Lionel Messi did again.

My second reason I admire Lionel Messi is because he is smart. My first example he is smart is that he looks at where his teammates are and makes an amazing pass. This shows that he really cares about his other teammates and is smart in every way. Many people think that Lionel Messi shoots the ball anywhere and it randomly goes to a player. Though I think that Lionel Messi actually calculates how far the player is and the power that he has to use to make an amazing pass and to make the ball land right to the player. I see that Lionel Messi knows so much math and he is as smart as Albertt Einstein. My second example Lionel Messi is smart is that he always aims and looks to where he should shoot the ball. Many people think that Lionel Messi doesn’t aim or look where to shoot they think that he would just shoot to the goal. Though I think that he watches the goalkeeper and if the goalkeeper is on the right he will trick him by looking there but he shoots the other way. If the goalkeeper is on the left he will do the same thing but shooting it to the left. Another example of this is that he looks at how far he is from the goal and make a perfect aim to make the ball go in the goal. My third and final example that Messi is smart is because he tricks a lot of other players. I see that it is very hard to take the ball from Lionel Messi. It is hard because he can get past so much players and they get tricked my Lionel Messi many times. As I am saying this I am really realizing that Lionel Messi’s pace and speed is really spectacular and that is exactly why it is really difficult for the other players to catch up to him and get the ball. Another example of this is that Lionel Messi might usually look at his teammates to make the other team to think that he is going to pass to them just so they can block his teammates, but once they get there Lionel Messi runs so fast like a cheetah to the goal and scores an amazing goal to make his team proud and be first in the leaderboards.

The last and most important reason I admire Lionel Messi is because he helps so much other people to get better in soccer. My first example Lionel Messi Helps other people to get better in soccer is that he helps in skills and shooting shots. For skills he helps to get past another player all the time. He helps doing the rainbow flick, the rabona and megs. A rainbow flick is when you use your legs to make the ball chip over someone. A rabona is when you make the player think that you will kick the ball with your weak foot but then you make your leg go behind your weak foot then kick the ball. A meg is simpler but harder to have a chance to do it. It is when you shoot the ball through someones legs. What surprises me about this is that it is not that easy to do all these spectacular things, though Lionel Messi is really good and he can do so many amazing things. Another example I  admire Lionel Messi because he helps people in saving lots of shots from other players. An example of this is, once I saw Lionel Messi help lots of people who wanted to play in the position of the goalkeeper but, they never knew how to be a goalkeeper. I saw Lionel Messi helping to become better. What surprises me about this is that if he plays outfield how can Lionel Messi be amazing at goalkeeping? I used to think that Lionel Messi was only good at playing outfield but now, I know that he can be good in any position. My last  example I admire Lionel Messi because he helps other people to get better in soccer is, that he helps attacking the ball from other players. Whenever a player has the ball he goes to the other side to make the other player think that he will go there, so the player will go the other side but then he tackles him. This is how he can teach people how to attack the ball from another player.

In conclusion, I can say that Lionel Messi is really kind, helpful, smart and amazing in soccer. I say this because when somebody does not know how to do things, Lionel Messi would help them become really good by practicing, he teaches other people many spectacular tricks, and he never gives up on anything. This is why I admire Lionel Messi and thank you for reading and listening today I hope you liked it, don’t forget to practice your skills, see you later.           

My Amazing Advertisement

Hello readers,

Today I want to tell you about my amazing advertisement that I did. On Jan 31, 2018 in class we were making an advertisement. My advertisement that I chose was Baskin Robbins Ice Cream. My audience was to boys. since it was boys my main colors were red and blue because, boys mostly like these colors. I also made a slogan and it was called, Keep It Cool. I chose that to be my slogan because ice cream is cold and I think my slogan relates to it.

In school for my advert I did not make a background because I did not have time to, and anyways it would be too messy because, there are already so many colored things and it would be really hard to see clearly.

Now I want to tell you the strategies that I used. I used the colors red and blue, slogan and a logo. Though I also made a pattern of red and blue going along to the end. Although I actually just noticed it when I finished. Thank you for reading and listening, and just to tell you do not forget to be advertiser.

If you enjoyed reading and listening go home and try to create any advertisement of your choice and try to make it really fun and interesting.

Math Unit 3

Howdy readers,

Math unit 3 was all about solving math problems, sums and open number sentences. In the unit we also learned about factors, multiples, prime numbers, composite numbers and algebra. My favorite was prime numbers and composite numbers. Although in the beginning I never knew but now I have learned, for example 7 is a prime number because it has only 2 factors 7 and 1. Also for example 25 is a composite number because it has more than 2 factors like 25, 1 and 5.

`I also enjoyed learning algebra. Though in the beginning it was also hard but I learned it and know I know it. Algebra is basically an open number sentence for example, there was a boy who had 150 soccer balls and he got 150 more how much in all? The open number sentence is 150 + 150= b.

I hoped you liked it and than you for reading, don’t forget to keep learning and have growth mindset.

Reflecting on my Personal Inquiry Project

Hello readers,

On Thursday in class for Unit Of Inquiry me and my partners Raza and Karl had to present an advertisement project with the class. Me and my partners were thinking about doing origami but people might like to make it themselves so we would have only paper, it won’t be that interesting. We also thought of making a shoe company but it would be really hard and there is already many shoe companies. Later we chose to do gaming because many people like it and it is really fun. We decided to make an I movie about gaming.

Our company was called Gaming World. We also made a slogan called Play Like Never Before. Raza job was to edit things and me and Karl were the idea makers. For the presenting, Raza was the introducer to Gaming World, I was talking about how we came up with all the things and finally Karl was talking about what we have and advice people to keep gaming! Scroll down to see our logo.

This was my Inquiry project I hope you liked it, thank you for listening and like I always say, don’t forget to game and play like never before.