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My Best UOI Work

Hello thinkers, Our central idea in UOI was the world changes due to natural processes and human innovation. The things that we learned were: Will a mountain last forever? Why is there sand at the beach? Can volcanoes pop in … Continue reading

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People Of Determination

Hello amazing readers, Today I am going to be talking about people of determination. A person of determination means for example a person that is in a wheelchair, deaf, does not have body parts or a person who is blind … Continue reading

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Going To The Tennis Tournament

Hello readers, Do you like Tennis ? Who knows. Even if you don’t like Tennis it is fun and free for all people to get you fit and entertained. Get ready and have so much FUN!!!!!! I hope you enjoy … Continue reading

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The Life Of A Writer

Hey guys I want to tell you about my story READ it. Or click HERE Kung Fu Championships   Jackson went to train but the bullies want to get rid of him and want him out.When training finished Jackson left … Continue reading

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Respecting Others

I respect others by opening the door for them, helping old people to go somewhere and being caring all the time. I also respect others by asking If I need something. I respect myself by being really organized, responsible and … Continue reading

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All About Me

    Hello my name is Abdulla and this is my blog.   This is a nice song called Not today by BTS.

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My Math Reflection

                                          Trimester 1 Math Reflection                 3 things I have learned in math this trimester are:   1.I learned about rays, lines and line segment.   2.I also learned about how to make and use a graph.      … Continue reading

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What is an innovation?

Hello friends, Do you know what innovators are? Well yesterday in UOI we were learning all about innovators and innovations. For example Steve Jobs he is an Innovator. We were learning about how to be an innovator. We were asked … Continue reading

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My Reading Reflection

  hello my name is Abdulla. If you want to see my Reading Reflection click here I hope you liked it thank you for reading my post!

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