Going To The Tennis Tournament

Hello readers,

Do you like Tennis ? Who knows. Even if you don’t like Tennis it is fun and free for all people to get you fit and entertained. Get ready and have so much FUN!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it.

On Friday morning at 8:00 in the morning I went to the Tennis tournament that I had with my mom. In the car I was thinking about the tricks and moves to do that my coach taught me. Once we got there I was ready and enthusiastic about the games because I like to have a lot of fun. I saw all the other players play and they were not that bad. So I thought about how I am going to beat them. One game finished and it was my turn to play. I was a bit nervous but I was more excited. I was playing against Ryan, he was actually better than I expected he was going to be. Even though I won and got twelve points he played really well.


My next game I was against Max. The first round I had advantage because I got to have the ball first. I tried to do the trick that Raphael Nadal the best Tennis champion in the world did in the finals. The trick was to hit the ball from the bottom going to the top to make it spin because if you spin it the ball goes really fast and it is really tricky for the opponent to get the ball and saves it.I tried to use the trick and luckily it worked and I got the point then beat Max, My coach was impressed by me I was really proud of myself that I won two games in a row and advanced to the semi- finals with Rex and Chong. before we played there was a pot and whoever gets the number 1 gets to go to the finals without having to go against anyone else. Rex got number 2 Chong got 3 and i got 1!!!!!!!!! I was so surprised. Since I got the number 1 I had to wait until Rex and Chong finish their game.


Chong won so after 3 minutes I had to go vs Chong. He was really tricky because he new the special trick and he won. I got second but I still got a trophy and I was proud of myself. I am looking forward to the next tournament.


Thank You!! I hope you enjoyed it.

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One thought on “Going To The Tennis Tournament

  1. I really enjoyed reading this.
    The writing was very good, it was edited well to be accurate and gave me details, and also your feelings. I was excited to read if you won or not! My only advice would be to make the last paragraph as good as the first. I wonder if you ran out of time?
    I am glad you shared this important time in your life. Well done with the tennis!

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