My Best UOI Work

Hello thinkers,

Our central idea in UOI was the world changes due to natural processes and human innovation. The things that we learned were:

  • Will a mountain last forever?
  • Why is there sand at the beach?
  • Can volcanoes pop in your backyard.
  • What is strong enough to make a canyon?


I would like to share a picture with you below.

This is a picture of the disasters that earth have and what they are. A mountain will last forever because of root wedging and ice wedging. The root wedging and ice wedging crack the rocks then they break apart. There is sand at the beach because for example there was a strong storm, rocks can fall from the mountains and then fall to a river. The river is powerful enough to take it and make the rocks crash into tiny pieces then take it to the ocean.

Volcanoes might pop in your backyard because there can be volcanoes anywhere but most of the volcanoes are all in the ring of fire.

I really loved the unit and I am looking forward to learn more things, Thank you.

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People Of Determination

Hello amazing readers,

Today I am going to be talking about people of determination. A person of determination means for example a person that is in a wheelchair, deaf, does not have body parts or a person who is blind and has a brain problem. For example yesterday in class we saw a video and there was a man called Kevin and he had legs but he couldn’t walk. So that’s why his closest friends carried Kevin with a bag because Kevin wanted to go with them.

Also for example Beethoven he was a person of determination. His challenge was that he was deaf. His achievement was that he was one of the best musicians in the world, even though he was deaf. I think that is amazing.

In class I was also searching for Taha Hussein he was also a person of determination. His challenge was that he was blind. His achievement was that he won the United Nations field of peoples prize.

I think I can help so many people that are having challenges and problems, Thank you for listening and reading.

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Going To The Tennis Tournament

Hello readers,

Do you like Tennis ? Who knows. Even if you don’t like Tennis it is fun and free for all people to get you fit and entertained. Get ready and have so much FUN!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it.

On Friday morning at 8:00 in the morning I went to the Tennis tournament that I had with my mom. In the car I was thinking about the tricks and moves to do that my coach taught me. Once we got there I was ready and enthusiastic about the games because I like to have a lot of fun. I saw all the other players play and they were not that bad. So I thought about how I am going to beat them. One game finished and it was my turn to play. I was a bit nervous but I was more excited. I was playing against Ryan, he was actually better than I expected he was going to be. Even though I won and got twelve points he played really well.


My next game I was against Max. The first round I had advantage because I got to have the ball first. I tried to do the trick that Raphael Nadal the best Tennis champion in the world did in the finals. The trick was to hit the ball from the bottom going to the top to make it spin because if you spin it the ball goes really fast and it is really tricky for the opponent to get the ball and saves it.I tried to use the trick and luckily it worked and I got the point then beat Max, My coach was impressed by me I was really proud of myself that I won two games in a row and advanced to the semi- finals with Rex and Chong. before we played there was a pot and whoever gets the number 1 gets to go to the finals without having to go against anyone else. Rex got number 2 Chong got 3 and i got 1!!!!!!!!! I was so surprised. Since I got the number 1 I had to wait until Rex and Chong finish their game.


Chong won so after 3 minutes I had to go vs Chong. He was really tricky because he new the special trick and he won. I got second but I still got a trophy and I was proud of myself. I am looking forward to the next tournament.


Thank You!! I hope you enjoyed it.

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The Life Of A Writer

Hey guys I want to tell you about my story READ it. Or click HERE

Kung Fu Championships


Jackson went to train but the bullies want to get rid of him and want him out.When training finished Jackson left and the bullies followed him everywhere.Jackson stopped at a dead end.The bullies found him,took his training bag and started arguing.Once they got rid of him they left and he was hurt.


After a few days Jackson was having a nice day but suddenly he saw the bullies again they were as quick as cheetah. He wanted to stand up for himself this time he had an idea. He splashed dirty water on the bullies and ran away. The bad thing was that they got him once again and the bullies said, “ you are fast,not fast enough.” The bullies got really mad and injured him, he didn’t like it.


After that there was a man who came and his name was Mr.Han. Then he became Jackson’s new friend because he saved him from the bullies and healed him he was as smart as a calculator. Then he helped him practice more. After two weeks he tried the challenge and Jackson wouldn’t give up. The challenge was to do a perfect split on a tower and to do a high kick to touch a bell. Later on he knew how to do it and he was ready for the championships.


The problem is that Jackson’s focus was still not good enough. Mr.Han yelled, “You still can’t go to the kung fu Championships! ‘’ It took three weeks for him to get his focus properly. Once he got his focus properly and he was really ready for the kung fu championships.


Jackson’s problem was finally solved he entered the kung fu championships! The first round he was

Against Zhong. Jackson was stressed and was scared,he lost the first point but there is two rounds each. The second round Jackson won so it was a tie breaker! Since it was a tie breaker they got an extra round. Jackson was  not shy anymore and beat Zhong. “ Hooray,” yelled the mom.

After Jackson’s fight, he saw the bullies fight, and he felt bad for the other people because the bullies teacher is evil, and tells them to do bad things to other people. The bullies entered the semifinals already. Jackson had to beat Yang to also go to the semi finals and he did. “Yay!,” shouted the crowd.


When somebody enters the semi finals there is three rounds to win against the first opponent. He was happy he wasn’t the first opponent. The first two opponents were Cheng and Yang. A few rounds later Yang got injured but Cheng still won and entered the FINALS!! Afterward the two opponents were Jackson and Yang Jackson had to win this or else after 1 minute and 30 seconds Cheng and Yang will go the finals. Jackson had to really focus. The first round he lost and same for the second. Luckily the third and fourth round, the last round was tricky though he still WON!!!!


Whoever wins this round will win the championships,Jackson vs Cheng suddenly Jackson won all the rounds he aced it. “ The winner is Jackson,” said the manager. Jackson tried his best he finally knew the secret power and the bullies learned their lesson to have good friends. One year later everyone knew Jackson was a kung fu master. He was really popular in is school now that people wanted to be like him.


Since people wanted to be like him he became a new kung fu teacher in the school and taught people all the things Mr.Han taught him. After a long time everyone that wanted to learn to be like Jackson were fantastic and then they became a team for another kung fu championships. After one year there was  another kung fu championships everyone was happy and were ready.


Da da da da da da. The next kung fu championships started and the leader of the dragon fighters was Ching Chong. He was going to fight first for his team. He was against Calvo his own enemy. Ching Chong wanted to battle as good as he can and he wanted  to do the secret power that Jackson did. He attempted to do it luckily Calvo fell down, KO KO! Ching Chong knocked him down straight away. If Ching Chong knocks Jerome down then he will enter the semifinals suddenly he did. He entered the semifinals.


Though nobody was there so he automatically won!! He had the nicest day ever.

This is my story and I want to tell you about my story. I learned about how to plan for a story. For example I used a story arc to plan my story. I used the story arc because it helps me to add the exposition, problem, climax, rising action and the ending/conclusion.

I could improve my story by editing it more and write more important things. I think I was a good enough writer for the story because I was writing nice things. I was also a good enough typer because I was typing my story fast enough so then I have good time management.

My favorite part of my story was the climax and the rising action and that was when they started the kung fu championships. I think I could have removed the unimportant parts and changed some things or edited.



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Respecting Others

I respect others by opening the door for them, helping old people to go somewhere and being caring all the time. I also respect others by asking If I need something.

I respect myself by being really organized, responsible and being balanced every time. I also respect myself by being smart and thoughtful.

Others respect me by helping me whenever I need something or when I don’t know something holding the door for me.


Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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All About Me

    Hello my name is Abdulla and this is my blog.


This is a nice song called Not today by BTS.

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My Math Reflection


                                        Trimester 1 Math Reflection  


            3 things I have learned in math this trimester are:


1.I learned about rays, lines and line segment.


2.I also learned about how to make and use a graph.   


3.last I learned about new shapes and which shapes are polygons.


2 feelings I have about math are:


1.I feel curious smart and a thinker.


2.I also feel like a communicator.


1 piece of work that I think shows something I worked hard at is:

I worked hard in my math tests and pre -tests and I was focusing all the time in class.

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What is an innovation?

Hello friends,

Do you know what innovators are? Well yesterday in UOI we were learning all about innovators and innovations. For example Steve Jobs he is an Innovator. We were learning about how to be an innovator. We were asked to create something innovative. Me and my partner Neil used 15 toothpicks, 1 scissor, 1 tape, 4 cups, 1 plate and 1 glue.


Out of these items we worked a lot and our idea was to make a lantern! This is how we did it. First we got the 4 cups and stuck all of them together by using tape. Second we made some holes and stuck the 15 toothpicks inside to make a design. Third we got the plate and used glue to stick the cups to the plate, that is how we made our lantern.

1. Get 15 toothpicks, 1 scissor, 1 tape, 4 cups and 1 plate.

2. Get the 4 cups and stick them all together using tape.

3. make some holes and stick the 15 toothpicks inside to make a design.

4. Get the plate and use glue to stick the cups to the plate.

5. You will get a lovely LANTERN!!!


I learned about innovations and I was proud and happy.

I hope you liked it thank you!


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My Reading Reflection


hello my name is Abdulla. If you want to see my Reading Reflection click here

I hope you liked it thank you for reading my post!

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