Animal research project

  1. I used 3 sources to make this project the first one was a book called FROGS written by NIC Bishop the second one was and the third one is

And then I took notes in my writing journal.


After that I made a book on for the kindergartners without much info about frogs then I drew a diagram of a frog metamorphosis and a page of facts about frogs also on for the second and seventh graders.


  1. I had to make the book for the kindergartners more understandable so they would get what I was talking about so instead of writing the measurements of things I wrote for example that is as tall as two whole giraffes. When we presented to the kindergartners it was hard to get their attention, but when we presented to the second and seventh graders it was a lot easier.


  1. I learned that when you have a different audience it can get a lot harder.


  1. I liked researching about frogs a lot, and I’m gonna try to get info that grabs their attention next time.


  1. It was hard presenting and easy writing the info it was interesting learning facts about frogs.


  1.  I think we did this project firstly because we are learning when we research about animals and secondly because it might help us in the future if we need to present something.


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