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Intro to Decimals

I see decimals in money. Four examples of decimals are on receipts in stores on homework (sometimes) on tests (also sometimes). I need to learn about decimals because if I’m paying for something and the cashier makes pay extra I … Continue reading

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Feedback-4th grade & CAS

Stereotypes-Audience-Perceptions 1 I liked hearing what the high schoolers thought about the books. 2 I Learned more about stereotypes. 3 It makes me think more about stereotypes. 4 Stereotypes relate to advertisements because sometimes you need to stereotype if you … Continue reading

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Advertising: Stereotypes -> choosing books

Today we visited the high school library. We went there to learn about different kinds of books (I think). I liked seeing what kinds of books there were. I wonder how many books there were in the high school library. … Continue reading

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Moral Education: Lesson 1 Unit 2 Healthy Mind & Body

1:I stay healthy by playing basketball and eating healthy. 2:Its important to learn how to be healthy because you will live a longer life you will be fit and it will make you strong.             … Continue reading

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