Malala lived in a place where the Taliban took over and they banned girls from going to school they even banned music and T.V so Malala worked with the B.B.C to launch a blog in 2009 she was just 11 years old and wrote about the harsh restriction faced under Taliban rule and shared fears that schools would be shut down or destroyed to protect her identity she used a fake name the Taliban launched an attack near where Malala lived forcing more than a million people to flee Malala was sent to live with relatives in the country side mean while Ziauddin travelled to the regions capitol and openly criticized the Taliban his bravery inspired her to speak out about educational rights.

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opinion writing

Opinion writing is when you write something to persuade someone or to change someones mind about something.

Opinion writing is different from other kinds of writing because opinion writing is when you write something to persuade someone or to change someones mind about something.

Opinion writing is different from factual writing because opinion writing is about an opinion its not true its just what someone thinks about someone or something.

Some of the types of opinion writing I did was about my favorite animal, my favorite sport, and my favorite thing to do.

It was easy to write about how good the thing you’re trying to defend but its hard to get someone to dislike someone or something.


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hatchet book group reflection

Hatchet is about a boy named Brian who went on a plane with only a hatchet, the only people in the plane were Brian and the pilot, the pilot gets a heart attack and the plane crashes, now Brian is all alone with nothing but the hatchet his mom gave him. Brian gets food and makes weapons and he starts to get used to the wilderness tries to build a raft but gives up and swims he sees the crashed plane and breaks the into the plane by hitting it with the hatchet he drops the hatchet and has to dive under water to get it he does so and almost died and then finds a the pilot and another guy the pilot was dead but the other guy was alive he found so many things and good food.

I recommend this book to fourth and fifth grade.

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advertisement (nintendo switch)

I learned that advertisements only tell people the good things about what there advertising

an advertisement is something people use so people can buy their products

CAS library lesson -> we stereotyped book covers

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Animal research project

  1. I used 3 sources to make this project the first one was a book called FROGS written by NIC Bishop the second one was and the third one is

And then I took notes in my writing journal.


After that I made a book on for the kindergartners without much info about frogs then I drew a diagram of a frog metamorphosis and a page of facts about frogs also on for the second and seventh graders.


  1. I had to make the book for the kindergartners more understandable so they would get what I was talking about so instead of writing the measurements of things I wrote for example that is as tall as two whole giraffes. When we presented to the kindergartners it was hard to get their attention, but when we presented to the second and seventh graders it was a lot easier.


  1. I learned that when you have a different audience it can get a lot harder.


  1. I liked researching about frogs a lot, and I’m gonna try to get info that grabs their attention next time.


  1. It was hard presenting and easy writing the info it was interesting learning facts about frogs.


  1.  I think we did this project firstly because we are learning when we research about animals and secondly because it might help us in the future if we need to present something.


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Science Museum

  • We went to a science museum were we learned about solar energy and how it can be really useful.
  • We created miniature cars that run on solar energy.
  • We raced are solar car things.
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Ancient Egypt

  •  I like how the games were crafted to look like ancient Egypt.
  • They explained really good.
  • I learned about how ancient Egyptians created so many things from ink to toothpaste.
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Roller-Coaster & Energy

When we did the experiment we used a foam tube and marbles. We rolled the marbles down the foam tube most of the time it didn’t work. The experiment had to do with energy because when the marbles were rolling they were causing wind like wind energy.

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Human Heart

the human heart is a muscle that pumps blood and keeps you alive.

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Intro to Decimals

  1. I see decimals in money.
  2. Four examples of decimals are on receipts in stores on homework (sometimes) on tests (also sometimes).
  3. I need to learn about decimals because if I’m paying for something and the cashier makes pay extra I wouldn’t know.
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