Roller-Coaster & Energy

When we did the experiment we used a foam tube and marbles. We rolled the marbles down the foam tube most of the time it didn’t work. The experiment had to do with energy because when the marbles were rolling they were causing wind like wind energy.

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Human Heart

the human heart is a muscle that pumps blood and keeps you alive.

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Intro to Decimals

  1. I see decimals in money.
  2. Four examples of decimals are on receipts in stores on homework (sometimes) on tests (also sometimes).
  3. I need to learn about decimals because if I’m paying for something and the cashier makes pay extra I wouldn’t know.
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Feedback-4th grade & CAS


1 I liked hearing what the high schoolers thought about the books.

2 I Learned more about stereotypes.

3 It makes me think more about stereotypes.

4 Stereotypes relate to advertisements because sometimes you need to stereotype if you want to get more people’s attention.



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Advertising: Stereotypes -> choosing books

Today we visited the high school library.

We went there to learn about different kinds of books (I think).

I liked seeing what kinds of books there were.

I wonder how many books there were in the high school library.


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Moral Education: Lesson 1 Unit 2 Healthy Mind & Body

1:I stay healthy by playing basketball and eating healthy.

2:Its important to learn how to be healthy because you will live a longer life you will be fit and it will make you strong.








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Moral Education Lesson 2: Compassion, Sympathy and Empathy

I show compassion by: feeling sorry for someone and wanting to help them.

I empathize by: knowing how somebody else is feeling.

I sympathize by: sharing emotions with someone else.

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Moral Education Lesson 1: How do I respect others?

I respect others by:  showing manners at the dining table.

I respect others by: being calm and polite even during a fight or argument.

I respect others by: being friendly and kind.

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My favorite book:Tiger Rising

It is a realistic fiction book, About a boy named Rob who finds a tiger stuck in a cage.

I liked it because it makes you wanna  know whats gonna happen next.

I liked the way the author tells the story.

I wish that Rob’s dad didn’t shoot the tiger.

I wonder why Rob kept all of his feelings in an imaginary suit case.

I recommend this book because it really makes you wanna know whats gonna happen next.




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