Moral Education

so in moral education I learnt what is stereotypes and Why is it important to keep yourself, your clothes and your home clean and how do you do this? and What are human rights? also Why is it important to look out for yourself and other people? and How can we help other people? i can answer most of those questions

  1. stereotypes are when you say “a girl cant be a race car driver” or “a boy cant be an artist”
  2.  its good to stay clean because thats your personal hygiene and you would feel un comfy  (uncomfortable)
  3.  human rights is someone believed or belonged to
  4.  its important to take care of your friends and family!
  5.  we can help other people by taking care of them and making them feel welcomed and make them feel like its there home also make sure they are okay and look out for them

there are so much more things i learnt! thats all for now!

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