Aisha Alhussari – Animal Research Project 4AT Feb-March 2018

Aisha Alhussari – Animal Research Project 4AT Feb-March 2018


So I was doing an animal research and i didnt finish it.

I did a lot of research and i filled up 3 pages in 2 days.

My animal was a Tiger. I love Tigers.

The project was really fun. I presented in front of second

Graders & seventh grade & pre-k’s.

The research was kind of hard for me because

I had to reach my goals and there were 3 pages

Of them and i tried to reach all of them and for

Example one is “what are the body parts”.

I had so much fun doing the research  because

There were so much websites about tigers

And i got to present it to some graders and it

Was so fun!.


I checked out a book from the library about tigers and

I read it. I got lots of facts about tigers. Then i went to my macbook and turned it on then I wrote notes about my animal. I had to take pictures of my notes because i couldn’t take my notes home. After 2 weeks of searching I finally finished. I made a really big poster and a book filled with all the facts I had. When i was presenting my project to a student in Ms. Waldo’s class, I was teaching the student how to draw and I didnt bring the book because it was too long so i brought the poster it had 5 facts and a cute picture of a tiger!. I told the student the facts and taught her how to draw a tiger.


When i went to the second grade class I was with my sister. My sister was pretty silly and she was talking about dolphins because my friends taught her all about dolphins and my sister loves dolphins. So i taught my sister about tigers then i went to the seventh graders.

When i was with a seventh grader i taught her how to draw a tiger and she had so much fun when i finished my presentation we finished early so we gotta play around and talk about my project then there was arabic and i had to go to arabic class. The seventh grader stills remember me and i still remember her. At the end of the day we see each other all the time! That’s all.

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