Reflection Of The Museum !

The Museum was pretty fUn we learnt so much things and there were so much to do ill tell you everything !

9:50 : we went to the busses and we went to the museum .

we went inside the museum when we arrived it was so cool!

we did some experiments with friends and the first experiment was a thermometer experiment we checked the temp. of 4 cups of water they were 24 degrees and 25 degrees and 24 degrees and i forgot the last one.

the next experiment we did was pretty fUn! we made a robot car and we made it run with energy it was amazing !

after those 2 experiments we went out to play. when we stoped playing we went back inside

there was a hUge room filled with fun things we could do ill name some ! making a hot air balloon fly with fire , make you’re self dizzy with idk what its called , theres 100’s more and they are cool! oh and theres a car simulator it was fun ! you get to see what its like driving a car ! .

so there was this small show and the person presenting needed 2 helpers and i was one of them and the other was way a boy (not gonna write his name) we had to hold 2 magnets and the person said we had to get closed and we did. the magnets got stuck together.

after that we had to move the magnets out and we pulled so hard that he fell! omg everyone was laughing (btw Ms. Davy’s class was with us. then my friend Taya wanted to be the next helper and she did become the next helper but she had to get shocked and she got shocked she said it hurt then i shocked my friend and how you shock someone is you rub you’re feet on the carpet then you touch someone and that person will get shocked and thats how i charge my mac book!! O-O JK JK JK JK JK so thats it well (we did more things)

I thought the museum was so cool and fun i will ask my mom if i could go to the museum ! i wish i could come back i had so much fun and you guys will love it !

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