Roller Coasters And Energy

So today my whole class did a experiment and it was cool. it was like making our own Roller Coster and it was fun!

here are steps of the experiment

  1. cut 5 pieces of tape thats 4 inches
  2. get a noodle and cut it in half (the noodle would be in 2 pieces)
  3. use the tape and tape the noodles together so it makes a long line!
  4. find a table and make it long (ish)
  5. take a cup and put it in the bottom
  6. the cup is the swamp with alligators and you have to find a way to make the ride safe 7.put a marble down and make it slide if it goes to the cup find a way to make it safe


♥ Thats All!! – Aisha Alhussari~

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