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Reflection Of The Museum !

The Museum was pretty fUn we learnt so much things and there were so much to do ill tell you everything ! 9:50 : we went to the busses and we went to the museum . we went inside the … Continue reading

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Roller Coasters And Energy

So today my whole class did a experiment and it was cool. it was like making our own Roller Coster and it was fun! here are steps of the experiment cut 5 pieces of tape thats 4 inches get a … Continue reading

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HuMaN hEaRt MyStErY sCiEnCe

So today me and my class were learning about HuMaN hEaRtS, It was so cool and did you  know ur heart is as big as a human fist o-o ?. HuMaN hEaRtS seem pretty fun to learn and Ms. Talbot … Continue reading

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