Feedback: 4th Grade & CAS

so what i did today was i was with the high schoolers and i interviewed them and i was talking with them they are 2 high schoolers they are girls and they are really nice and i had fun! we sorted out books we fixed some adds my teacher just printed some adds and we had to update it the thing i liked about working with the high schoolers is meeting them talking to them and getting to know them more1!!1 what i learnt is they’re life and what they like and its nice to work with people you dont know sometimes! it make the think that i had fun and i loved working with high schoolers its so fun and cool and i cant explain how much fun i had! we did do some things about adds and it was cool and we got to fix some adds and i had fun doing it and i wanna do it again

-Aisha Alhussari 4AT

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