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Moral Education Lesson 5 stereotypes yay!

Moral Eduction Lesson 5 is about Stereotypes. Stereotypes are about how people think that somethings are true but some dont  think so in Moral Education we read a story about a man that was in a plane in economy class. … Continue reading

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so yesterday miss Talbot read us a book called “Float by Daniel Miyares” The story is about a boy who made a paper boat out for news paper and he went outside and puts the boat down then the boat … Continue reading

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looking at maps: U.A.E 6/12/17

U.A.E MAPS are so cool they are all about the places of the U.A.E. The U.A.E MAP is important for everyone so if you get lost then you pull up a map and find you’re way home or where you’re … Continue reading

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What i learnt today 5/12/17

Today i learnt “prepositional phrases and nouns”. Its really fun to work and do prep. work sheets its very interesting and the part i like about is that we have to find out some things like whats a noun? and those … Continue reading

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Moral Education Lesson 4 Tolerance 12/4/17

Moral Education Lesson 4 is is about tolerance so when i read it some parts was about Martin Luther King Jr. about some things he did its called a bio. (short for biography) Its about his life when he grew … Continue reading

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