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Moral Education Lesson 2 compassion , sympathy and empathy 28-11-17

Empathy: when you put yourself in someone’s shoe feel bad for them help them out and be kind and respectful listen to what they have to say make them feel special again. sympathy: feeling bad for someone hoping they feel … Continue reading

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Lesson 1 Moral Education How Do We Respect Others? 28-11-17

To respect others you have to be kind and show RESPECT to others and always show empathy and sympathy and more care to others and make them feel included and special put yourself in someone’s shoe.

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My Favorite Book is Tiger Rising

I really like the book Tiger Rising. the book is about A boy named rob that hates school and gets bullied and rob stood up for A girl named sistine. rob also has no friends and I wonder how the … Continue reading

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