Moral Education Lesson 5 stereotypes yay!

Moral Eduction Lesson 5 is about Stereotypes.

Stereotypes are about how people think that somethings are true but some dont  think so

in Moral Education we read a story about a man that was in a plane in economy class.

there was a lady and she was like “ew you have so many scars and scratches you disgust me

then she called the flight attendant and she said get this ugly man is bothering me please

move me then the flight attended said there is one extra seat in the first class and the lady

said take me there please that would be much better but the flight attended took the man

to first class there will be more.

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so yesterday miss Talbot read us a book called “Float by Daniel Miyares”

The story is about a boy who made a paper boat out for news paper and he went outside

and puts the boat down then the boat went faster than him then it got lost then he found

it then the boat went in the sewers then the boy was sad then he cried then he went home

then he made something else. it was a plane then he played all day long and he was happy

thats it.

The Book didnt have any words but you can still tell the story heres and example of the

book (page)

Thats a page of the book, the author made this book because he wants so tell the

people/kids/ who ever is reading this that you might wanna try new crafts and some

fun things

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looking at maps: U.A.E 6/12/17

U.A.E MAPS are so cool they are all about the places of the U.A.E.

The U.A.E MAP is important for everyone so if you get lost then you

pull up a map and find you’re way home or where you’re going.

So everyone in my class including me got a worksheet we were

supposed to fill out. ok so thats what we had to fill out. thats it.

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What i learnt today 5/12/17

Today i learnt “prepositional phrases and nouns”. Its really fun to work and do prep. work sheets its very interesting and the part i like about is that we have to find out some things like whats a noun? and those questions. i really enjoy writing and solving problems so i do those work sheets a lot and language arts is one of my favorite subjects!.

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Moral Education Lesson 4 Tolerance 12/4/17

Moral Education Lesson 4 is is about tolerance so when i read it some parts was about Martin Luther King Jr. about some things he did its called a bio. (short for biography) Its about his life when he grew up what year he was born but he didn’t have a good life there was racism and unfair treatment for black people and Martin Luther King Jr. tried to make things fair by saying a speech called “i have a dream” and he got assassinated  and it was a bit sad but he tried his best to stop racism and the unfair treatment. Tolerance is taking opinions or behavior or disagrees with (i think)     12/4/17

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Moral Education Lesson 2 compassion , sympathy and empathy 28-11-17

Empathy: when you put yourself in someone’s shoe feel bad for them help them out and be kind and respectful listen to what they have to say make them feel special again.

sympathy: feeling bad for someone hoping they feel better and make them happy always treat people the way you want to be treated. sharing someone’s sadness and anger

compassion: feeling bad & sorry for someone trying to help them

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Lesson 1 Moral Education How Do We Respect Others? 28-11-17

To respect others you have to be kind and show RESPECT to others and always show empathy and sympathy and more care to others and make them feel included and special put yourself in someone’s shoe.

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My Favorite Book is Tiger Rising

I really like the book Tiger Rising. the book is about A boy named rob that hates school and gets bullied and rob stood up for A girl named sistine. rob also has no friends and I wonder how the author got A medal/reward and I wish The Author Made More Books about it or add more to the story because I enjoy the book it makes me wanna read it again. I liked the book because it was very interesting and funny and so good to read and I wanna read it now! I recommend this book to 3rd graders and for bored people that like pets. the book is so funny i am gonna buy the book because we read it at class. it was a read aloud and i just love the book. There is more things happening in the book.

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