Roller Coasters And Energy

So today my whole class did a experiment and it was cool. it was like making our own Roller Coster and it was fun!

here are steps of the experiment

  1. cut 5 pieces of tape thats 4 inches
  2. get a noodle and cut it in half (the noodle would be in 2 pieces)
  3. use the tape and tape the noodles together so it makes a long line!
  4. find a table and make it long (ish)
  5. take a cup and put it in the bottom
  6. the cup is the swamp with alligators and you have to find a way to make the ride safe 7.put a marble down and make it slide if it goes to the cup find a way to make it safe


♥ Thats All!! – Aisha Alhussari~

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HuMaN hEaRt MyStErY sCiEnCe

So today me and my class were learning about HuMaN hEaRtS, It was so cool and did you  know ur heart is as big as a human fist o-o ?.

HuMaN hEaRtS seem pretty fun to learn and Ms. Talbot gave us papers to cut out and everyone did even me.

Then we had to color in the heart and we had to see how much times our heart beats so everyone (even me) places our fingers on our heart and counted how many times the HeArT beats and we exercised before that.

thats all for now!!

♥ -Aisha Alhussari

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DECIMALS! 1-31-18

I see decimals all around the world you can see them in tests money test scores and more!! (:

decimals are

like dots you put

you can solve sentences with decimals

math symbol

i need to learn about decimals because there will be times i need decimals to solve things.

LL -Aisha Alhussari 


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genius hour why does google have a creepy slogan? :o

so google’s slogan is “dont be evil” I’M CPEEPED OUT >.< and it gives me the creeps why does google have a creepy slogan? the answer is because you shouldn’t be bad on the internet so the slogan is don’t be bad! heres a photo

  help me so this is the picture thats all for now!

Aisha Alhussari~

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Feedback: 4th Grade & CAS

so what i did today was i was with the high schoolers and i interviewed them and i was talking with them they are 2 high schoolers they are girls and they are really nice and i had fun! we sorted out books we fixed some adds my teacher just printed some adds and we had to update it the thing i liked about working with the high schoolers is meeting them talking to them and getting to know them more1!!1 what i learnt is they’re life and what they like and its nice to work with people you dont know sometimes! it make the think that i had fun and i loved working with high schoolers its so fun and cool and i cant explain how much fun i had! we did do some things about adds and it was cool and we got to fix some adds and i had fun doing it and i wanna do it again

-Aisha Alhussari 4AT

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Advertising Reality VS. Advert

the advert i watched is sad and its about life s and more! and its really interesting because i enjoyed it (and i almost cried but now i keep watching it and i like watching it over and over again Lol) and watch the video! its a good advert because  its important to care for someone and know the truth!

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Advertising: Stereotypes > choosing books and organizing!


so what we did today is looking at books in the high school library and it was fun and i had a great time.

We did somethings like looking at books and we were organizing them by the . category and it was fun then we had to organize what grades would read the books some books were smile, flipped and more!.

the thing i liked about what i did was organizing and the thing i didn’t like about doing it is nothing i had a lot of fun and the teacher’s name was Ms. Rhonda and she was really nice.

Thats All For Now!

-Aisha Alhussari

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Unit 2 Lesson 1 Healthy Mind & Body 1-7-18

To be healthy you have to eat healthy. to eat healthy you have to eat food that is less than 20 carbs (if you are on a diet) you can eat veggies , fruits, meat is okay , cheese , and more! and you ALWAYS have to SHOWER and BRUSH YOU’RE TEETH and exercise! and always DRINK WATER! its the most important thing you always have to drink water and is you dont you will be really sick but not sick but a little sick.


I stay healthy by showering drinking water and brushing you’re teeth and more!

its important to be healthy because i will have a good life i wont be sick and i will be really fresh

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Moral Education Lesson 5 stereotypes yay!

Moral Eduction Lesson 5 is about Stereotypes.

Stereotypes are about how people think that somethings are true but some dont  think so

in Moral Education we read a story about a man that was in a plane in economy class.

there was a lady and she was like “ew you have so many scars and scratches you disgust me

then she called the flight attendant and she said get this ugly man is bothering me please

move me then the flight attended said there is one extra seat in the first class and the lady

said take me there please that would be much better but the flight attended took the man

to first class there will be more.

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so yesterday miss Talbot read us a book called “Float by Daniel Miyares”

The story is about a boy who made a paper boat out for news paper and he went outside

and puts the boat down then the boat went faster than him then it got lost then he found

it then the boat went in the sewers then the boy was sad then he cried then he went home

then he made something else. it was a plane then he played all day long and he was happy

thats it.

The Book didnt have any words but you can still tell the story heres and example of the

book (page)

Thats a page of the book, the author made this book because he wants so tell the

people/kids/ who ever is reading this that you might wanna try new crafts and some

fun things

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